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Originally Posted by jet View Post

I'm just gonna put this right over here


from the post:
I have theoretical tests to determine her fidelity. they are simple tests so if you want i can e-mail them to you in private for you to conduct your own experimentation to determine her fidelity.

Phoenix, please PM this guy about the tests and report back.
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he posted his test

obvious troll is obvious
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jet, did you ever do anything with those jil tanks you had mentioned a while ago?
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Are there any fashion / style blogs with legitimately good writing or are these concepts just not capable of co-existing?
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Zero. None. I don't know what the deal is, but I can't look at any of them because it feels like driving an ice pick into my fucking skull. Horrendous.
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Originally Posted by snake View Post
yeah, this is the only good one i've found, nice round-up images and ideas.
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i think im gonna buy some j crew new balances. thoughts on colors? im thinking green or maybe orange.. but probably green. black/orange isnt bad either
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I saw two people wearing NB's today. One was my uncle who, for all of his wonderful qualities, lacks even the slightest interest in clothing beyond a "I'll get arrested if I don't wear something outside" scope.

The other was this gangly old dude at the gym who paired his NB's with some calf-high army green socks, shorts that would have been outlawed even in circa 1970's NBA games, and a tucked in tee.

In short, this has and always will be what I envision NB's core clientele to be.
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recommend a cheap comfy sneaker then
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Those leather Purcells you sold me two years ago are still hanging on, even though I've abused those things like they were the lead role in a Lifetime movie.
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Teger just get some custom Dunks. Those Crew NB aren't that cheap for what they are. They fug too but the green is the best out of that poop basket
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theyd probably end up costing me like $36 with a gift certificate i have incoming. i dont find purcells/chucks comfortable at all i've thought about doing some dunks. i just have a vision of green nbs, rolled chino shorts + my ugly required work tshirt ().
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I wasn't too impressed with them when I was actually able to handle them. I think they look much better in pics than they actually are. Though Green > Navy > gray so def go with green

Thinking I might get some dunks for bumming concerts/shit for this summer. All grey suede with white sole yeaaaa
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