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I had 2 inches of snow at my house yesterday... in NEW JERSEY
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Originally Posted by ppllzz View Post
tell me about it. this is suppose to be one of the coldest winters for the NE this decade yesterday it was freezing (literally) in western mass
I red that on the metro yesterday. Fucking awful. Not great for my first year living up north. I need to get some jackets and boots for snow soon I'm hoping they're wrong though. To be fair, i lived in florida most of my life and it seems every year they predicted the hurricane season to be the worst (especially after that terrible 04 season) it was a dud. I remember the last 2-3 years were supposed to be awful and record number of named storms and nothing ever happened. 04 and katrina year (05?) there wasn't much predicted
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
i bought this at c21 yesterday.

milk moto homie, size large
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Damn I'm gonna be getting a 50% discount on repaying my student loans.
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we'll bounce back, America always does

but until then, i'm gonna go import crazy before the we lose any more buying power
post #3562 of 109053 If that's any consolation. All my money is in KRW, but if the Yen is going to keep getting stronger I'll need to exchange that shit asap (and cop my attachment jacket). ... + maybe some Junya or something.
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Those oldest-levi's repros that have just one back pocket and the single-stitching on the yoke are the worst fucking things.
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Finding decent sunglasses shouldn't be this hard. Everything has crappy plastic frames or huge lenses.
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eh, nevah mind
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Originally Posted by robin View Post

geebus, even if that is partially true that is really gonna make Japan impossible to visit or buy from

better start hoarding Yen
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Whatever happened to the no purchases club? I need it.
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economy recovered
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^yeah, right. maybe if you're a civil servant or work at goldman.
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