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i think without a focus (like a fit) the discussion goes nowhere. I was gonna write a few posts re: the stuff but V-day happened. also, Fuuma and synthese haven't commented there yet so the main postmodernist nerds have been a no show
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Am I in the minority in actually liking the new washed leather with round laces CPs?

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I don't like the price
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
do not touch the buttons
Originally Posted by aeglus View Post
yeah no idea why you want to ruin the part that makes the knit pop .
Because I just want it to be a heavy, black cable knit cardi. The starkly contrasting, shiny metal really cuts down on what I can wear it with. If the buttons were brushed gunmetal it wouldn't be worth the effort.
Originally Posted by steveoffice View Post
if you want them to pop less maybe which them to the smaller ones on the stark cardigan? or may be you can splash black paint on them and sew them back
This would a) require a supply of Stark buttons and my Stark is using its buttons, and b) mean I would never be able to close this cardigan again because the holes would be too big for the buttons. I could take the buttons off but I might as well just do it with them on if I can and save the hassle. They're sturdily attached so why mess with the construction. Right now I'm still at "nail polish" being the best answer...
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Could you oxidize them? I know it's easy to intentionally oxidize silver, I don't know about the steel on that cardigan.
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Originally Posted by Lane View Post
graphic, I like how the thread you made got no discussion once you guys actually removed the discussion from the WAYWT thread...lol was hoping to read some good shit.

That's because he created the thread too late, the discussion already ran its course since it was discussed ad nauseum in waywt.
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Originally Posted by rustyshack View Post

Originally Posted by GlenCoe View Post

Posted on the last page.
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damn, missed that
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I kind of want a tron x oc moto
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Fancy a genghis tron fan here!
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post
Fancy a genghis tron fan here!

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The OC x Tron shit is kind of neat, I'd buy it heavily discounted. Blue DR would be kinda fun
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Re: Ar6 buttons

powder coating sounds best.. please post a link if you find out where to get that done.

Rag and Bone painted all the buttons from SS10 white, but like shabby chic (?) with specks. was awful, and yet ubiquitous for the line.

I see the point jet and Aeglus are making, but I'm with you on the 'too much contrast for me' feeling.
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Lanvin ballet flats are $500. What the fuck ?
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