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Originally Posted by KitAkira View Post
toy.... fansite?

i would totally read a toy fansite run by uncontrol. just sayin
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Wow these Lanvins are DRENCHED in booze and it's 630. Should've planned that better. Advice? I'm guessing the shoe repair guy will know what do do with the suede parts...
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Originally Posted by Nil View Post
What a bunch of old curmudgeons.


this will be their new label going forward
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Oh dear god.

A swedish "fashion-magazine", whose webpage I occasionally visit just did a small special on what they call brouges. Because they're the "best choice for you're lower regions" etc etc other stupid shit.

I'll just translate parts of the comments page for you:

"Brouges? Brogues for fuck's sake."

"Thanks for your response! This discussion has been up before, and we will continue to use the new spelling 'brouges'."

"Are spelling mistakes okay if you do it on purpose?"

"But as we've said, according to us that's how you're supposed to spell it. There, let's leave that discussion."

According to me, suit is actually spelled sewt. Fuck all y'all if you disagree!!! I know this shouldn't bother me, as I know beforehand that the paper's a piece of shit, but come onnnn there has to be limits to the stupidity.
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Not sure if this has been posted already but found this on SZ "Alexandre Plokhov, who shuttered his acclaimed New York-based menswear label Cloak a few years ago, will launch a new signature menswear label during Paris men's week this January. Plokhov won the 2005 CFDA Swarovski Perry Ellis Award for Menswear, was the runner-up in the 2004 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award, and was featured in the 2005 fashion documentary Seamless. He shuttered his label in 2006 due to "partnership issues," according to a statement at the time from his publicist." via Racked/WWD and "MEN’S ROOM: Paris is burning on the men’s wear front, with a slew of designers poised to join the next fashion week, from Jan. 20 to 23. Alexandre Plokhov, who shuttered his Cloak label in 2006 and did a three-year stint at Versace, said he plans to launch a signature collection and has rented a Paris gallery to unveil it. Another New York-based designer, Yigal Azrouël, is angling to show his men’s collection on a Paris runway. European names are also muscling onto the calendar, with iconic Left Bank brand Arnys plotting its first runway outing, and Thierry Mugler presenting the first men’s collection by Romain Kremer under the artistic direction of Nicola Formichetti. Finally, rumor has it Maison Martin Margiela is also mulling its first runway show for its men’s wear." via WWD Also, some Schneider coats were put up on Opening Ceremony. I think someone on here was looking for the Tiga Jacket
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MC, where even the rules have rules.
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I was reading over on MC that a lot of the guys there get called "Inspector Gadget" or "Professor" when walking down the street.

timeless pee wee herman style
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
MC, where even the rules have rules.

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baller visvim fan? It's super weird cause the dude is from Czech republic. I never see people wearing something even slightly contemporary in this shithole.
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Wow what a waste ^
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haha, yeah. The wallpaper says all about his taste imo.
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Originally Posted by unknowinglyforgotten View Post
what looks good with a jean jacket? besides jeans of a similar wear/fading, what else?
I think they can look good with exposed-seam khakis.
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thought that was pretty funny. on sale marked up from $200 to $300 YAY
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Remember that big debate about whether to use soap or not in the shower? Ghostface killah's twitter feed settles the matter, IMO (!/GhostfaceKillah)
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