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double post?
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razele just take a deep breath when you see a new f/w thread of some brand you think is neat. its nice that you like some stuff, but you can appreciate something without relentless hyping, which I, and apparently a lot of other people, find annoying. also a lot of the brands you talk about require access, and most people aren't willing to take a risk on frequently unreturnable items. I've personally tried to talk about how great Carl is, and I do really like the shirts I have from him, but that is not a reasonable alternative for most people. most stores these days won't offer a full refund and I think it really hurts business. j crew, gap, banana republic and all those mall brands have amazing return policies and a level of customer service that is expected from a large business. it's nice to support small boutique lines, but there are definite advantages knowing that whatever I buy from j crew, if I have a durability issue I will be refunded.
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i've said it once before but it bears repeating, buying a woman jeans is in-fucking-sane.

'' well, i am a one in this brand... but a zero in this brand, and a three in this brand... but this brand is different its in the petites section so the numbers are off.... 25, 24, 26 what the hell thats number is huge.... we need fabric softner...... is that a peacoat.... this would be good for interpretting...''

''i thought you didn't like tapered jeans?''--me

''no, just those cheap mondays at the thrift store... the fit was painted on.''

'so something in between this and a straight leg then'--me

'i don't know, those gap bootcuts were kind of cool''

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why are you buying them for her dude. fo rwomens jeans its 100000% about the fit. take her to a store, let her try on 30 pairs, then when none of those fit right, take her to another store, etc. selling jeans to women is one of the most frustrating things ive ever done haha
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Call me out on this as I have no idea, isn't APC denim unisex? Have seen a few girls on SuFu with them. My sister wants good denim too, I was just going to ask Mauro.
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IMO the only APC cuts that are truly unisex/female appropriate are new cure (in SOME sizes and on SOME girls) and petit standards the issue with making a unisex jeans are 1. rise (even a low rise jean for men is usually higher than an average rise jean for women) 2. a lack of elastene, which is key to a well fitting womens jean, cause that shit stretches out and sags and looks bad and 3. pocket size. women's jeans have much smaller back pockets if you want to buy your sister a denim related gift, buy a gift certificate to a store. or take her to buy some ksubis.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post
why are you buying them for her dude. fo rwomens jeans its 100000% about the fit. take her to a store, let her try on 30 pairs, then when none of those fit right, take her to another store, etc.

selling jeans to women is one of the most frustrating things ive ever done haha

shit, i don't buy things for myself online... i am not buying her jeans online. we went to gap, j crew, target [twice] , old navy, von maur,window shopped at anthropologie[shit girls jeans are expensive],urban outfitters, american apparel...

most places are too tapered, or the back rise is a little too low

it sucks, because i sort of felt at times like i wanted her to find a pair of jeans she really liked more than she did.
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hm. did you try levis? is there a madewell near you? whats your budget.
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never heard of madewell

levis is lame... they used to make their stuff in petite cuts, but now the only petite cut jeans they have are basically 510's for girls.

i am wanting to find a pair of jeans she can wear to work on fridays, and when she interprets sign for football and soccer.

so for right now , lower end... but i am taking on this arduous task so i can get her a really nice, or nicer pair for christmas.

i myself already have the kmw's, so i'd like to get her some quality denims also

a- so i don't have to hear about how much she hates her jeans
b- cause its fair
c- cause they'll look better, fit better, and last longer

so in the long run i am doing a big experiment with the hopes that with time price won't really be that much of an issue and she'll have jeans she and i both like.
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Look into j brand or Hudson
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I think I'll stop buying clothes or giving much of a fuck about clothes at all until I'm in better shape, have a better haircut, etc.
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My girlfriend has a few pairs of Acne jeans that she really likes. They aren't cheap at retail, but can usually be had on sale if you look hard enough (Gilt). A lot of their cuts are fairly skinny/tapered, but they have some that aren't (Generic Girl and Hep).
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I dunno that girl looks fantastic in her jeans you might want to ask her I believe she likes some of the nudie cuts.

I think I'll start a few designer threads even though they won't get much play.
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I know it's not the most convenient since there's only one location, but Uniqlo has some real nice denim for women. My now ex got a pair of dark, tapered denim that hands down became her best pair of jeans when she bought them. I still have to see her pretty regularly and it's amazing how she can bounce between looking like the typical college girl and a sophisticated, sexy woman based on the jeans alone.
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