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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
i just get frustrated cause we should be talkin bout raf rick MMM dries not boo and hot topic

Not enough interest here. Start a DVN thread and see what happens.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

Can't wait until winter when they go away and the flip flops of winter aka uggz take their place with a&f hoodies and spandex tights under denim skirts.

corrected for mid-atlantic appropriateness.
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Originally Posted by justtemple View Post

somebody had to say it.

Those hoodies are one of the first things I remember about this place. People were fawning over them in one thread and all I could think was, "Are these people serious? That thing looks like it was turned inside out and then someone soldered a cummerbund to it."

After I started ladling the Kool-Aid out of the SF cauldron, I would regularly revisit these hoodies trying to see their appeal. It never happened. They may be comfortable as shit and the fabric may feel like a hoody God would wear, but they were still ugly as sin.
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
i just get frustrated cause we should be talkin bout raf rick MMM dries not boo and hot topic

And by Hot Topic, you mean Damir Doma.

Some of my friends who are not douchebags (because some are) sincerely believe that Tapout is sort of cool (everyone agrees that Affliction sucks).
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They're not everyone's cuppa. Not mine either, personally.
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Hey kunk have you heard of this place called style zeitgeist? They might be more your style try posting there. lol j/k
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The top threads here are mostly where they are because it's chatter between just a handful of people who are very interested in the topic.

ie. EG thread is just timpo, me, zissou, etc. Jcrew thread is mostly robert and vd.

As much as I like RO and Dries, I don't have time to look up stuff for those threads like I do for EG. You guys need to pick up the slack. That fucking awol magician even started a few good threads, but didn't want to commit.
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I am jealous of women's fashion, as it seems that women's fashion is constantly expanding and evolving, with new silhouettes and all kinds of crazy shit. With men's fashion, you can only reinvent pants, shoes, shirts, knits, and jackets so many times. Sure you can throw in some new materials, interesting cuts, even some drapey black shit, but its just kind of all the same. I dunno, its difficult to make menswear fresh season after season, and even the best runway shows are rarely translated into actual outfits that people wear everday. There is just so much boring shit out there, I imagine these thoughts befall everyone here at some point; it just all seems so boring sometimes.
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Most women will tell you they envy the limited options that men's clothing presents, regardless of trends.
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Sorry for the time guys I had to take my sis to the locum for a checkup.

Originally Posted by Teger View Post
lol razele can you just shut the fuck up in this thread? honestly, australia produces the most annoying posters

Thats just silly stereotype BS. I mean he said that about Americans / Jews / Asians, what would the rest of you say?

Originally Posted by Teger View Post
j crew isn't that great, but it serves a purpose. its affordable workwear, and its ironic that you criticize it and then hype the shit out of EG and WWM and any other flavor of the month fresh out of Japan brand that does that same aesthetic.

Don't own a single piece of workwear. At all. Never will. I pretty much have said that plenty of times that it 'isn't my aesthetic though I appreciate it'

Most I would get would be a scarf if I find one I like, as I collect them.

I can appreciate the aesthetic. But I don't like it - I grew up around the Australian version of that culture - I worked in a meat hall and my dad worked in a slaughter house. It's not my thing - I appreciate the design and aesthetic though, and think DS does a good job.

Originally Posted by Teger View Post
here's the thing bro, you don't know what you're talking about. period. you just pop into every seasonal thread for any brand with MODERATE hype and just uncontrollably jizz on their products, its fucking absurd. do you even own these brands? cause I have a big feeling that you don't, and for all your talk about 'building a quality wardrobe' you have zero experience with the brands you think are quality (and don't even know what that means) or the brands, like j crew, you criticize.

Haven't people said this exact same thing to you? Didn't Gulk and Jet rip into you over that awhile back? Do I need to post were you've hyped shit up? And who here doesn't hype or get hyped over brands?

When I say I'm going to buy things I will do it - it just takes me time. I don't buy shit straight away.

I'm usually in contact with 3-4 stores at anyone time about items though. I'll be getting more JS / MMM next year, especially for my professional wardrobe - I find it hard to get knitwear I really like. I will be getting a Julius and PBJ proxy order next year and can't wait to do that. I've had oppertunities to buy some PS boots at a great price but passed up as I'm waiting till next year to start that pain train.

I'm yet to buy an item and feel the quality (cloth, cut, finish, details, construction for me) is terrible - I do a fair bit of research and don't buy on impulse later to resell on B&S.

Originally Posted by Teger View Post
j crew isn't that great, but it serves a purpose. its affordable workwear, and its ironic that you criticize it and then hype the shit out of EG and WWM and any other flavor of the month fresh out of Japan brand that does that same aesthetic. I'd make a point about sometimes needing to have less expensive clothes because of appropriateness, but since I doubt you even wear the clothes you rave about, I guess it doesn't matter, does it?


MTM Button down
Edwin Slim Straight Raw Indigo Bucklebacks
Ben Sherman Belt - Very suprised with this one.
W+H x Dayton in Brown

I wear W+H / NdG / MJK / MTM everyday. That's pretty much my go to basics. I'm expanding that as time goes on with other things, though thats what I've started from. Waiting for a store to update inventory to get my 2nd Krane bag (Which is great guys, get on this stuff) and also some Krane outerwear (might not happen due to my current family situation - they need support)

Originally Posted by Teger View Post
this website should be about developing individual taste, and virtually everything you post undermines that. how about posting a review of all these pieces you supposedly own? or some insight into how you wear them?

How does everything I post undermine that? When I tell people to slow down, to read, to find out about brands they like, to look at look books, to read WAYWT, to go into stores (if they can unlike me) and just see shit, to go online? Or to persue an aesthetic LONG TERM that fits them, thier beliefs / lifestyle / ideas? That the aesthetic should be more than temporary and should be something more concrete and really reflect them? It might change over time and become something new inadvertantly, but it's different to just buying a premade look, which I find abhorent.

People PM me with questions about items and I always try to help. I will be posting reviews as thats something I really, really want to do, with good photo's and a review system. It helps people when they can have a good review with heaps of photo's - that's deffinitly on the agenda for me when I get a good camera - I'll be posting full guides to stuff I buy and customer service of stores etc.

I mean if you want photo's of any of the stuff I have I am more than willing to do it for you, but will be shitty iPhone pics.

I don't buy as much as you probably do. But I don't feel the need to resell much, as I don't impulse buy.

Originally Posted by Teger View Post
here's the deal though, I actually have owned and worn many of these brands you rave about, and I'd say the majority of the time the idea of quality is way overblown. that's ok though, becuase I recognize that I'm paying for aesthetic and materials (admittedly an element of quality), but I don't disillusion myself into believing that wearing MMM and W+H makes me somehow better than those plebes in gap and j crew.

That's just fucking offensive mate.

I come from major working class family, so fucking poor. I'm an asthamatic and went without medication for YEARS every day, my family is that poor. I couldn't look down on anyone. There isn't anyone here I wouldn't help if they ask a question or for advice so this is just utter BS.

Originally Posted by Teger View Post
also I love how you talk about finding MTM and you are fucking australian. what do you know about american MTM prices??? lol. can you even buy j crew in australia?

You think MTM is cheap in Australia? Lol? Is anything cheaper here? Local place sells grenson's for TWICE the cost from pediwear. We have insane tariffs and taxes here.

I pay 185, for base fabric made in Turkey, with plastic buttons.

How much does Carl charge? Can gurantee its also way, way better.

Most American MTM is also way, way better - as I've seen in the hundreds of MC threads about it, and been blown away by the better stitch work and quality control - honest to God, and I'm being honest, Jantzen is a massive step up compared to here.

Anyway Teg,

When people have shat on you in the past or given you shit I've never thought bad. I've said before in your threads that your a decent bloke and your policy on international shipping is a welcome change. That stance doesnt change.

If you guys want to buy J Crew or other mall stuff I don't mind and I'm not going to bring it up again - it's a circle jerk. I used to buy shitloads of this stuff and also Diesel and Seven and all that crap - came here, slowed it all down and took time to think the direction I wanted to go into and went for it. I saw both sides of the debate and went towards the slow and steady instead of filler way and think thats the best path. Of course some things for me aren't worth it, i.e underwear, basic T's etc.

Buy less, buy nicer pieces and slow down. That's my motto and it just works so fucking well. All the posters I really, really respect have done that. I'm all done for this topic, any more retorts I won't continue and will take to P.M.
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The JCrew thread experiences a lot of traffic because across the entire internet where else would one go to talk about JCrew? Mall brand as a term carries a stigma, but there's some power there, too, when you can actually go try on the shit. More of us have the ability to talk about JCrew from first hand experience than probably anything else spoken of here. First hand experience = conversation. More conversation than 'i saw some neat mmm shit on yooxrz'.
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
i just get frustrated cause we should be talkin bout raf rick MMM dries not boo and hot topic
Yeah I would love more stuff on this. I don't know how well it would do as others have said, with current menswear climate.

TOJ leathers are starting to show up on SuFu Guys :

They look pretty awesome.

Cafe Racer:




Perfecto coming too.
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Why do I get the sense we're going to see that Colin Powell picture relatively soon?
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