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i like zippers and shit, but that's not a strong enough selling point for me. they are simply capitalizing on the rich's love of trash and trends.
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It's for the ballers. Out my way the leather jackets cost about $7000 in the equivalent of yen
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Speaking on durability, I never understand what it is that people do to their clothes that it's ever an issue on anything beyond the worst WalMart-esque garbage. I can count on one hand the amount of items of clothing that I've had to trash because they "fell apart", and usually by fell apart it was something I could have easily had fixed if I wasn't sick of the item already. I have t-shirts that, while having seen better days for sure, have been in my wardrobe for 12+ years. The worst offenders are usually pilling on sweaters (drives me nuts) or the lining of a heavy-wear jacket giving it up. That's my random fashion thought.
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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post
Random fashion thought: why would this pic of me make it's way onto hypebeast? lol

your tongues are out son

Originally Posted by zissou View Post
At first, I felt bad for buying Banana Republic underwear because it's a mall brand. Then I remembered that they were free and their sole purpose was to hold my ball sack.

Originally Posted by breakz View Post
holy shit. quoted for posterity...b/c even LA Guy wore diesel, PG wasn't born in aldens, and jpgm rocked k.Cole peacoats to great effect. we all start somewhere.

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Originally Posted by Teger View Post
lol razele can you just shut the fuck up in this thread? honestly, australia produces the most annoying posters

here's the thing bro, you don't know what you're talking about. period. you just pop into every seasonal thread for any brand with MODERATE hype and just uncontrollably jizz on their products, its fucking absurd. do you even own these brands? cause I have a big feeling that you don't, and for all your talk about 'building a quality wardrobe' you have zero experience with the brands you think are quality (and don't even know what that means) or the brands, like j crew, you criticize.

j crew isn't that great, but it serves a purpose. its affordable workwear, and its ironic that you criticize it and then hype the shit out of EG and WWM and any other flavor of the month fresh out of Japan brand that does that same aesthetic. I'd make a point about sometimes needing to have less expensive clothes because of appropriateness, but since I doubt you even wear the clothes you rave about, I guess it doesn't matter, does it?

this website should be about developing individual taste, and virtually everything you post undermines that. how about posting a review of all these pieces you supposedly own? or some insight into how you wear them?

here's the deal though, I actually have owned and worn many of these brands you rave about, and I'd say the majority of the time the idea of quality is way overblown. that's ok though, becuase I recognize that I'm paying for aesthetic and materials (admittedly an element of quality), but I don't disillusion myself into believing that wearing MMM and W+H makes me somehow better than those plebes in gap and j crew.

also I love how you talk about finding MTM and you are fucking australian. what do you know about american MTM prices??? lol. can you even buy j crew in australia?

what a joke.
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I await razele's response. Random thought: why is every cheaper leather jacket I see in stores have such a complicated design and baggy fit? And most have cloth cuffs, fucking ugly most of the time. Do people even prefer that?
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The only reason i buy more expensive items is usually for fit reasons...
i know you can get an OKAY Fit at H&M on some stuff, but the fabric quality is just so horrible...
Lets say j.crew fit perfectly, i probably wouldn't buy anything more expensive
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I bet a lot of Style Forum members are ass-holes in real life.
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^seriously, SFers have no friends in real life

lulz @ all the jcrew fanbois retaliating

in the end it makes no difference to me how you guys spend your money, just don't bitch you can't afford nicer shit when you buy 10 jcrew things a month

just keep your shit in that one thread guys thanks
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Originally Posted by Biscotti View Post
I bet a lot of Style Forum members are ass-holes in real life.
I bet it's the reverse- internet tough guys
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i must admit i have probably 5-7 j.crew buttondown shirts sitting in my closet unworn cause i am too lazy to get them tailored slimmer... will happen sooner or later, but buying shirts for under $30 / piece on sale is no big deal to me, $30 + $30 tailoring = pretty good shirt

although i'd much rather just kop band of outsiders around $100 all day
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Originally Posted by Biscotti View Post
I bet a lot of Style Forum members are ass-holes in real life.
You read into me like a Denny's menu
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
balmain is another joke that people with deep pockets just don;t seem to get.

They do get it; it's hyped, tacky, oin your face and overpriced and that's the hedonistic appeal. Make no mistake what I've seen wasn't badly constructed but the prices are redonculous, still it's somewhat "warranted" as it's part of what you get.
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

Uniqlo is fairly well made, across the board, FWIW. I've torn apart a lot of clothes recently with a seam ripper, so you guys might be surprised....

Ditto. I will say that Wings+Horns is one of the brands that really does pass the test, especially compared to similar contemporary brands. The other brand that gets flying colors is Krane. I don't know what it is with Canadian brands and attention to detail. On the other hand, Nom de Guerre regularly fails. in the quality department.

Re. J Crew. I wear their basics, like their tees. What I dislike is the lack of character in a lot (not all, but a lot) of their pieces. The better contemporary brands, from Jean Shop to Wings+Horns, to WWM, are pretty distinctive, whether in cut and materials (Wings+Horns), color and texture (Jean Shop), and details (WWM and EG). I don't buy J. Crew jackets not because they are bad quality, byt because they really say nothing to me.

So I guess that I'm saying the same thing as Ben - I buy the stuff because of the aesthetic, not because (except in the case of Wings+Horns) because I think that it will last forever.
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also I don't really see many people (besides robert) buying the super distinctive j crew pieces. its usually just total basics - plain button downs, tshirts, simple fleece pull overs. anyway I don't even CARE if you don't like j crew. its the issue that people are placing brands they have no familiarity with up on pedestals. like a brand for what it is, not what you think it is.
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