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Originally Posted by db_ggmm View Post
What's the argument that quality doesn't equal durability? Who enjoys expensive throw-aways?

Its kinda like saying spam is better quality than a fresh steak because it lasts longer. Though, it all depends on people's priorities.
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also lol @ razele giving jkissi a seal of approval
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post
I typed up a response to Razele's stuff but left for lunch before I finished. Now I don't need to. +1
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razele just needs to calm the fuck down and take some xanax. it's just some clothes, and you don't have to race to have the most SF-approved wardrobe. people like different things.
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I think people forget that not everyone is here to spend several hundred dollars on hoodies and oxfords. Styleforum is about style. About looking good; which doesn't always mean spending a lot of money.
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this thread got vicious. I was thinking the other day about how I got an abercrombie & fitch t-shirt for christmas when I was like twelve, and I distinctly remember this damn thing lasting for like five years. Granted this was back when hanes still made beefy-t's and t-shirt quality in general seemed to be pretty good between brands. So I said fudge it and ordered a plain $20 t-shirt from the abercrombie website. Got it in a few days and holy god, its slim fit, one tiny logo on the hem that I cannot even see, and the cotton is way softer than any of the tee's I have had from j.crew, aa, and the like. Kinda blew my mind on the whole infrastructure of comparative mall brands.
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I just don't see why it's so necessary to shit on people when they have a mall brand question or enthusiasm for mall brand stuff. Admittedly there is a quality and fit difference between mall brand and "premium" brands, but why can't a wardrobe have both? J. Crew, Gap, whatever, they all have their uses and it's no good to just shit on people all the time and say "SAVE UP AND GET W+H BASICS OK."

My problem with Razele is he hypes up every other brand and goes into J. Crew threads to say things like 'make their stuff 15%-20% more expensive and up the quality" aka turn it into another mid tier workwear/prep brand! Yeah thanks, but then that kind of defeats the purpose of why a lot of us buy things at J. Crew doesn't it?
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At first, I felt bad for buying Banana Republic underwear because it's a mall brand. Then I remembered that they were free and their sole purpose was to hold my ball sack. On a more serious note, I get as much enjoyment out of a $15 (on sale) J Crew polo as I do a $250 MFSC shirt, as long as they both fit well and look good.
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Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post
I think a lot of people throw around the word "quality", not ever really understanding what they're meaning when they say it. As if there is some vague, arbitrary "level of quality" and some items fall above it and some items fall below it. Sincerely, quality is not that huge of an issue provided the garment is able to hold itself together. There are certain items where investing in quality is a good idea -- shoes are a great example -- but like many others, I can't justify $100+ t-shirts and the like.

My tune might change if I was ever making enough to justify that kind of expenditure, though.

I agree with you dude. (yay! let's hug?)

At this point, I feel like there's the marketing side that highlights the points that people want to hear, and then there's the actual fabric and notion sourcing, sewing side, the latter is true quality, and frankly, you get a huge mix of brands in the perceived 'quality' camp, some of which belong and some of which do not belong.

Uniqlo is fairly well made, across the board, FWIW. I've torn apart a lot of clothes recently with a seam ripper, so you guys might be surprised....
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post
lol razele can you just shut the fuck up in this thread? honestly, australia produces the most annoying posters

here's the thing bro, you don't know what you're talking about. period. you just pop into every seasonal thread for any brand with MODERATE hype and just uncontrollably jizz on their products, its fucking absurd. do you even own these brands? cause I have a big feeling that you don't, and for all your talk about 'building a quality wardrobe' you have zero experience with the brands you think are quality (and don't even know what that means) or the brands, like j crew, you criticize.

j crew isn't that great, but it serves a purpose. its affordable workwear, and its ironic that you criticize it and then hype the shit out of EG and WWM and any other flavor of the month fresh out of Japan brand that does that same aesthetic. I'd make a point about sometimes needing to have less expensive clothes because of appropriateness, but since I doubt you even wear the clothes you rave about, I guess it doesn't matter, does it?

this website should be about developing individual taste, and virtually everything you post undermines that. how about posting a review of all these pieces you supposedly own? or some insight into how you wear them?

here's the deal though, I actually have owned and worn many of these brands you rave about, and I'd say the majority of the time the idea of quality is way overblown. that's ok though, becuase I recognize that I'm paying for aesthetic and materials (admittedly an element of quality), but I don't disillusion myself into believing that wearing MMM and W+H makes me somehow better than those plebes in gap and j crew.

also I love how you talk about finding MTM and you are fucking australian. what do you know about american MTM prices??? lol. can you even buy j crew in australia?

what a joke.

holy shit. quoted for posterity...b/c even LA Guy wore diesel, PG wasn't born in aldens, and jpgm rocked k.Cole peacoats to great effect. we all start somewhere.
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and you guys need to get of Razele's, jet's, Teger's, Phat Guido's, and whoever else's dong, and come to enjoy the clothes.
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balmain is another joke that people with deep pockets just don;t seem to get.
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They do put a bunch of a nice shit into their clothes though. A Balmain leather features about $100-200+ worth of zippers alone. Since Dior Homme doesn't want to make Dior Homme leathers anymore, why can't Balmain?
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well it costs 2x what DH costs also $1100 jeans lol
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