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Why are there no jacked fashion inspo's?
Rick Owens is like the most "jacked" designer around (please correct me if I'm wrong).
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Also, who makes denim in a high rise 19cm cut nowadays? I like my pair of Levi's but the hem is too narrow when wearing with boots. @Synthese has some cool jeans but I think they are old APC denim. I remember the New Standard having close to a 19cm but the rise is ridiculously low. Uniqlo bottoms are also all low rise for the most part, or t he rise is great but legs too narrow.

I don't know if I'd call them high rises, but I wear 3sixteen's SL-100s with slim boots and Stevenson Overall Co's 767 (the Santa Rosa cut) with heavier boots. The second has an even wider leg opening than the 3sixteens, but it feels a bit more at home with engineer boots and whatnot.
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Alright everyone.  I am now officially closing this chapter of Random Fashion thoughts, and starting a new one, here:


After a certain number of posts,  threads get a bit unstable, and take up more render time.  and this one... is there.  Over the next few days/weeks. I'll be gradually doing this to a number of our mega threads.  Moving the last 50-100 posts to that new thread.  You guys should feel privileged to be the first... or something.





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