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I don't know whether to hate or love the New Margiela knits

Kind of digging the boots though (hoping they come in one color)

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You sure those boots are mens?
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Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

I don't know whether to hate or love the New Margiela knits

Looks like a Missoni with sparkles.
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Originally Posted by stevent View Post

Speaking of 5 zips, can't decide if I like this version or not. Seems like it could be worn like an a2 or such but zippers / cut feels a bit too much for the leather:

Photo from super old listing: http://www.styleforum.net/t/233747/mmm-5zip-ndg-marble-w-h-down-geller-hl-rafstros/0_100

woah, that is sick
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Nice production, nothing really new but worth a watch if you've not seen much of this before. Too bad Raf didn't heed his own words there...
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Is Dior and I up online yet? Been wanting to see it for awhile now. 

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i went to the dior stores couple weeks back , raf dior is so much better than kva dior ....
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new LN-CC site is a pain to browse, at least on a touch pad. design is also worse. oh well. reading material: http://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/bof-exclusive/bof-exclusive-the-second-coming-of-ln-cc

"Noticeably absent, however, are many of the brands that LN-CC championed in its first incarnation, but who stopped working with the business after it failed to pay them on time. LN-CC “lost a lot of collections” and that “impacted the offer in the short-term,” admitted Skelton, who says he has faced the company’s reputational issues openly and honestly. According to Ciccoli, all outstanding accounts have now been settled and the combination of LN-CC’s progressive brand and The Level Group’s operational expertise have convinced new partners, including Valentino and Marni, to come onboard."
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^ Never liked their website… now it's even worse.
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sad to see.
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Super boring buys for men's and boring brands, mostly... Snoozefest
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apparently the non snoozefest items didn't make money
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of course it's sad to see, but inventory businesses are inherently risky. if your product doesn't move, you have a shitton of illiquid liabilities. boring sells, however unfortunate that may be.
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i thought the way most clothing retail works is that the brand ships you the clothes. then if you sell it then you pay them if not you ship them back? seemedvery not risky
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