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following the sf instagram reminded me to watch this again

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Oh, and here's a timely reminder to follow the Styleforum Instagram (@Styleforum), because @Ivwri - mastermind of the above - is currently in charge.

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PS you should watch the rest of the Stranger videos




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Originally Posted by hennree View Post

following the sf instagram reminded me to watch this again

i want to live here

@Ivwri props on using the siphon. it's such a bitch to clean up afterwards i feel like you have to be pretty dedicated to use it.
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Originally Posted by VitaTimH View Post

I posted about this in RP, but guys, if you like classic rock at all, check out @AlexanderTG's album, it's seriously so fucking good. I'm a sucker for a good guitar solo and there are quite a few tracks which are essentially just great guitar riffs. If anyone thinks I'm heaping praises due to Styleforum nepotism or whatever, it's definitely not true and it's legitimately one of the best albums I've heard recently.

I'm listening through the album for a first time now on bandcamp and will agree that it sounds very good.
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anyone in the EU ever have an issue where you aren't able to order from a web shop located in another EU country? like you're in Sweden and an e-comm site in Germany or Italy says you're not eligible to order (or whatever combo of EU countries)? seems to defeat the purpose of the EU, but supposedly this is a thing.
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Fucking hate Netherlands post. Their main site tracking claims the package was delivered 2 weeks ago but in order to get more details (Like who signed for it) I had to use their international tracking.

There they make you enter in your zipcode if you want to track packages they sent to the US. I entered in my zipcode and it says no parcel found.

I try to contact customer service to figure out wtf -- and the disclaimer says basically they don't respond to inquiries from individuals only businesses and to contact the sender.

Double checked the address I gave the sender, correct zipcode. Asking the sender to help me figure it out, but what seems plausible is either they entered in the zipcode wrong or the package got delivered to a neighbor but can't figure out who -- because I can't get the international tracking to work.

And their FAQ says in that scenario you need to look at the card the mailman gave the neighbor for info on what to do. Not super useful if you can't figure out who the neighbor is.

Feels like I'm in the scenario where I'm not going to be able to figure out where the package went or get an insurance pay out because the package was supposedly delivered.
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Nederland fucks you again.
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Where to find a short sleeve band collar popover?

CM had a perfect one at the right price but bigger sizes are sold out in-store and online :(


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@Abraxis  What does USPS tracking say?

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It says nothing, says there's no package matching the tracking #. I tried it with ups, dhl and fedex to see if they might pick it up.

This wouldn't be the first country where their postal service tracking # gets translated to a different one during the US carrier hand-off though. Basically hoping the sender gets back to me either with the zipcode he entered in (if it's wrong) or whatever zipcode format I need to be able to get the detailed results/signature.
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^ This kind of shit drives me crazy. Sorry man… it is super, f'g frustrating. I am missing a FedEx package today as well. You probably ordered some cool shit from the Netherlands… I'm just waiting on some shitty Uniqlo sale stuff.
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

Tmadd's a pretty weird dude. He's an old sufu denimhead. He once posted photos of a Mister Freedom chambray shirt that he had worn about a hundred times without washing, and it was one of the grossest things I've ever seen.

How many of us have worn our jeans 100 times without washing? shog[1].gif
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$300 on boots or $300 on a cooler?

With a cooler I can put fish that I catch in it. Or sandwiches. And beverages. And vegetables that I harvest for market. And popsicles for my students. And meat from long fishing/hunting trips.

I've been looking for the boots for a while. And with boots I can have a misplaced sense of superiority for wearing expensive clothing while looking like a total crusty. Normally I would always opt for unjustified feelings of contempt for mouthbreathing plebes, but these days I mostly just wanna kick back and cast the fly. Maybe snag some trout for dinner. Then again, I can do all that while having fly ass boots too.

After reading this post I have to ask what the fuck is wrong with me
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whatever you'll use the most

i got one of the cheaper engels and while it kept the beer cold when we went camping at national parks I regretted not getting a YETI or something cuz I had to replenish the ice pretty much every night. the YETI's apparently last like 3 days without all the ice melting

if you have a ton of other boots that you can wear get the cooler. if you have no other boots or you'll wear it every other dayish i would get the boots
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