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omg yeah please don't tell that jury about COS
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Dated October 20th, 2037:



A local sea-captain was the first to bring the behavior to our attention. Hailing from the perhaps aptly-named town of Mystic, he had spent his youth trawling the coastal waters off of Providence before abruptly retiring and devoting himself to drink.


He was well known as a teller of tall tales, a fixture at the pub where, for the price of a pint, he'd spin a yarn or recite a shanty. I always found the trippings of his tongue to be amusing, but nothing more. Mikey felt differently. When the sea-captain muttered something to us about a local ritual, and a faint color that he had seen over the horizon one winter's night, many decades ago, I believe it inspired in Mikey the change that undid him. And after the disappearance, the sea-captain, when pressed by the police, would only cackle and point to the waves. 


There was a time when I would perhaps not have believed the events that I have witnessed with my own eyes.  However, as I find myself engaged less and less with the affairs and opinions of the public, I realize that it is unlikely that I have much else to lose – my name being already the subject of many dark whispers, my property and livelihood already seized by those who wish me silenced. 


It matters not. I can hear it now, as I suppose Mikey once must have. A wailing, out beyond the breakers; full of ageless fury and power, as though some great, bloated thing were beating against the ceiling of the sea, seeking freedom.  Mikey became obsessed with it; with discovering its source and communicating with it. If only he had never left his flat, never witnessed the dark ritual he relayed to me. It was then that he attempted to draft me as accomplice to his mad plan, not knowing that I had already determined the necessity of preventing exactly that which he desired to achieve.


It is lucky for all of us that he never succeeded. Let us pray that it never finds release; that there will always remain those who are willing to do what must be done to hinder its escape, whatever it is. That there will be those willing to go so far as to sacrifice those they love - yes, even the life of a friend - to keep it trapped beneath the waves, far from the light it so craves to devour.

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Definitely your best to date, and in such short time, as well. Thumbs-up.
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I hate having something which doesn't fit for sale which no one wants for some reason, meanwhile I'd kill for one my size in that price range.
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Originally Posted by cocostella View Post

Got rid of all my "designer" jeans (DH, JE, HL) and now only have two pairs of Levi 501CT. One is almost raw and oversized, the other is a lighter wash and sized down for a trimmer fit, but still plenty of room in seat/thigh. Feels good. I was tempted by the Uniqlo loose/tapered, but was feeling nostalgic.

Where are you buying the new CT cut?? Having trouble finding them. THANKS!!

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I would like to see nightshirts incorporated into every day where (why not, I've seen people do it with robes?)
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pics of said robe fits?
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

Interesting. I was getting some pretty heavy Lee Roach vibes:

But I dunno, the designs are more tasteful than your run-of-the-mill knockoff. And not to completely excuse the designer, but I do sympathize somewhat. it's difficult to design a minimalist piece without tripping over someone else's aesthetic territory. Like designing a new smartphone in 2015.


There are some companies that straight rip off designers.  One hypothetical Spanish fashion company did some black shorts with graphic white stripes that my dead grandmother could have identified as Hood by Air.


However, this doesn't seem to be the case here.  Designers don't live in a vaccuum.  They often have studied together, are often exposed to the same influences, and interact professionally.  I'd be very hesistant to yell "plagarism" when a COS jacket looks a bit like something from Lee Roach or Christophe Lemaire.

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Lee Roach is warmed-over Helmut Lang anyway
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The influences are there, but I wouldn't go that far
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Originally Posted by sipang View Post

Lee Roach is warmed-over Helmut Lang anyway

It looks a lot fussier than Helmut Lang.  I actually find that to be the case with a lot of the new crop of minimalists.  Everything is anti-septic.  I much prefer designers like Christopher Raeburn.

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Machus guy pose is hilarious.

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Yes indeed. Let us follow the stylish masses of overweight college girls and just go about our daily lives while wearing pajamas.
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Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

Machus guy pose is hilarious.


Yeah, pretty ridiculous.

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