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Ordered, thanks.

Since you're the johnny-on-the-spot, any recs for tanks? Can't quite bring myself to pull the trigger on JE (that thread is a bunch of dudes saying every item is "fire"), but I know you've usually got a good eye on who's offering good stuff.

As an experiment, Fok should merge Alden, John Elliot, and MC WAYWT threads to see what happens.

The ones I probably wear most often are:

voidthebrand straight-hem tank: http://www.voidthebrand.com/collections/all/products/straight-hem-tank. TTS isn't tight in the chest, but it'll still stack / bunch around the waist. It has unfinished hems and the collar doesn't like entirely flat, which looks kind of intentionally sloppy and some people probably hate. 50 modal / 50 cotton, which feels really nice (same fabric mix as JE+Co). White is kind of transparent, so probably best for layering unless you're into showing the world your nipples.

Geller 2nds split hem tank: I haven't seen any since S/S '14, but they were really long and soft 100% cotton. I had to size up two (from M to XL) to get a normal fit. Not sure if or when these'll come back.

UO BDG tri-blend slub tank: Also from last S/S. Nice and long with a curved hem. Terrible quality (you gotta check to see if it's stitched properly before buying it / deciding to keep it), but kind of a cool fabric. Gotta size up one.

COS silk blend pocket tank: Kinda thin and fragile, but lightweight and really airy. I got a couple on sale when everything was ridiculously cheap.

Of course, three out of four aren't available, and I wouldn't be surprised if the vtb stock was kind of depleted at this point.
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Anyone have any ideas for a cheap cotton five zip?

I saw this on the cm forum and am feeling a bit inspired.
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Jacket:  Rothco lightweight vintage M-65 ($57!!!!) (pssst... cut the hood out...)

Shirt:  BB OCBD

Jeans:  Levi's USA Cone Mills 501

Boots: Frye Brando

Specs: Warby Parker
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yeah khakis are probably the most boring item in menswear. being mid-age white dude doesn't help. but I think it can be done ok. key = accessorize or be really cool/tough.


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Unrelated thought, I have a bunch of chinos/khakis in typical khaki colors that fit well and are good quality. However, Ive been almost only beem dressing in dark colors the last years, so I cant find a good way to wear them.

Any pics of people sucessfully combining black/dark navy/dark gray with khaki pants?


a few (Click to show)







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^^ Thanks! The guy with the EG workshirt is probably the closest to how i´d look, but it would still be better with darker pants... Perhaps there are some good MHL styles doing it..
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thefoxtooth looks like an uncharted character
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Seeing as this is one of my favorite collections, I want to try some jean tucking with shirts and T's. Good idea or not?

I really want a navy silk scarf to pull this off too

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I worked with someone wearing those shoes this week and I thought they looked great. A bit out of season, but it was unseasonably warm at the time. He was wearing them with a oversized gauzy linen shirt and some balloon style trousers.
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Props to that guy man, seriously
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

thefoxtooth looks like an uncharted character


Yeah, but do you have any info on a cheap shitty cotton 5 zip I can muck around with like this? I think it'd be cool to wax one. 

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A 5-zip is basically just MMM. I think you're asking about a field jacket ore m-65. You can probably find one at any fast fashion store.
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That jacket has zero zips
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over the past few years I have reworked my wardrobe going for quality over quantity with mainly SF approved brands (for better and worse).  my wife is starting to do the same with her clothing but doesn't know of a good resource for womens style (other than pinterest). 


she recently cleared out a ton of shoes and is looking, in particular, for a quality pair of womens leather brogues or oxfords.  something full grain and welted/resolable preferably.  i have no idea where to tell her to start looking. anyone have suggestions?

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Carmina might have something like that in their women's line.
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