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so tired of Schneider
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I'd like to take credit for that. But seriously, I'm surprised you hung on for that long. He isn't really innovative in design and I feel like a lot of his stuff wouldn't fit ideally on you (at least to your standards)

Yeah so like everyone, stop kopping devil.gif
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just only kop fw schneider

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^ so group think
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Originally Posted by notwithit View Post


Size up one, IMO.

Ordered, thanks.

Since you're the johnny-on-the-spot, any recs for tanks? Can't quite bring myself to pull the trigger on JE (that thread is a bunch of dudes saying every item is "fire"), but I know you've usually got a good eye on who's offering good stuff.

As an experiment, Fok should merge Alden, John Elliot, and MC WAYWT threads to see what happens.
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Spotted yesterday in Georgetown, a guy in a Barena blazer, sns herning sweater, what might have been geller flight pants, and grey Achilles highs.

One of you guys?
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I need new glasses. It's time to stop looking like I'm about to give an NBA press conference
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Speaking of normcore:


They called it Normcore. Across our Fashion Nation, style sections turned out lengthy pieces exploring this exotic lurch into the quotidian, and trend watchers plumbed every possible meaning in the cool kids’ new fondness for dressing like middle-aged suburbanites. Were hipsters sacrificing their coolness in a brave act of self-renunciation? Was this an object lesson in the futility of ritually chasing down, and then repudiating, the coolness of the passing moment? Or were middle-aged dorks themselves mysteriously cool all of a sudden? Was Normcore just an elaborate prank designed to prove that style writers can be fooled into believing almost anything is trendy?
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Lol baited
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stop being in denial
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What's the men's equivalent of mom jeans? Sneakers and chinos?
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Dad jeans and new balances.
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