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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Vanessa's dumplings IIRC?

Yes that's the name. Just got back. It's alright. Place is packed. Strong concentration of white people in one Chinese place. Taste good. Just saw my mom, she said this area used to have lots of drunks. Next time I'll come back for the soups. 

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Originally Posted by fistinyoface View Post

This stands for Australian cities as well. Fifteen minutes drive out of the CBD and you've just landed in Saigon.

I hope for the day that Australia gets decent Mexican food ;p
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Funny you should say that. I just took a job candidate (an Australian) out to lunch, and he insisted on going to the mediocre Mexican restaurant. He was so excited.
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Not that this is by any means "good" Mexican (or good anything for that matter) but when I was in high school they opened a Taco Bell on George st in Sydney (major road in the middle of the cbd) and everybody was super amped, I think it lasted a month.
There used to be a really good Mexican place in Manly but the guy shut it down and opened a seafood restaurant.
At least Australia has good Thai food (at least Syd and Melbs do), and they are everywhere.
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what was the longest time it took for you guys to find something? And what was it?

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Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post

so many people comment on my clothes in the US!! I'm gonna start dressing in sweatpants and patagonia for the rest of my trip, don't wanna chat about clothes. Some guy asked if my 5-year-old CP b-ball lows were "this year's model" despite being covered in about five years worth of grime, someone asked if my Bergfabel jacket came from J. Crew and how much it cost, and I've had THREE middle-aged women ask me about Rick Owens. WHAT???

And yet we didn't see you in SF so that you could at least have internet bros comment on your clothes slightly more accurately.

Nobody asks me about any of my jawnz really except the receptionist at the hair salon. Feels bad.
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Speaking of overrated Chinese food, I don't get the hype of Mission Chinese Food. At all
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Yeah haven't had it yet, but can't imagine that it lives up to the hype. And I'm not a diehard "authenticity" asian either e.g. if it tastes good then that's cool with me "authenticity" be damned.

I'm still vaguely wondering if there's a place to get dao xiao mian in the city. Guessing you have to leave it, just like everything else exceptional chinese cuisine-wise imo.
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wait did the middle aged women recognize Rick Owens? I did not think CA was that fashiony


nahneun, you can prob get some collarbone plastic surgery

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i miss good dao xiao mian so much
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Only decent dao xiao mian I've had was in Foster City.
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last good dao xiao man i had was in cupertino village next to the under construction apple campus
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mission chinese is not bad but its nothing special either, place is small and the music was good

up to 2012 the gta did not have decent mexican either, which is a shame
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@Abraxis shoulda brought noodles up in person. Parents introduced me to that style very young, but now I dream of it. I agree with previous posts that last few spots are in South Bay unfortunately. My dad used to make some at home from scratch but it's now a lost art (I'm a shifty ass son).
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Originally Posted by 13k View Post

In the back of a crowded bar, I took my left shoe off so that @Synthese could try it on.


NaTionS, are you local? If so, you should have come out.
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