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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

It makes a lot of sense for making the market more efficient though. Sniping is not maximizing price.

Exactly. Maximizing price is what I want to avoid!
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Where to find some navy cropped trousers? All the cropping I see is like capri levels for somebody 6'2". I just want ankle length with a taper.


These would have been perfect, especially with the loose top block and taper, but they never had my size and I can't find anybody else stocking them. Tried yoox, porter, matches.



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If you have some pants you like you could always send them to Luxire and have them to make a copy, just changing the fabric and length

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True, I hadn't thought of the custom route.

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From what I've read they are really helpful at finding you a suitable fabric, and if they don't already have something like that they can usually source it for you. Just be sure you're VERY specific and clear when you do the order (assume nothing, explain every detail about the pants) to make it both easier for them and to make sure you'll be happy with them

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Couldn't you just get pants you like and have them tapered and hemmed the way you like? Alterations from the knee down are usually pretty easy.
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