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Originally Posted by nineohtoo View Post

Anyone have suggestions for dyeing/restoring faded wool? Ribbing on a jacket has gone from black to navy.

That sounds awesome.

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Originally Posted by Abraxis View Post

I'd just love to talk about them without triggering a dieworkwear rant about quality conflation. This has happened to me a few times and it'd be nice to avoid them because I get where he's coming from. It was pretty clear after the first instance.


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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
No, I'm saying quality should mean something real -- how does something look and feel when worn (does the haircloth inside shape the chest in the way you want? Do the lapels roll in a way that's pleasing? Do the arms have shape? Etc.). You don't actually have to ask yourself these questions. You can just try a bunch of stuff on and buy what looks and feels best. Then after a few years of wearing it, if you still like the garment, then it was prob of good quality.

Like I said in the ToJ thread, I think people should think of clothes more as being more like food than cars. Instead of dissecting the technical things you don't understand anyway -- in an attempt to "max" out the quality levels given your budget -- you should just try the thing and say whether or not you like it. Nobody buys a dish and separates out the different ingredients, trying to see if the tomatoes, pasta, and olive oil are of good quality. They just eat it and say whether or not it tastes good.

Its super subjective. Remember this conversation sparked from talking about ma+/ccp/carpe diem. I asked @LA Guy whose construction/quality impresses him and he stated Aero/Viberg. Then people threw in suit quality and etc.

To me, the avante garde guys like ma+/ccp focus on design and unique leather/garment treatments which can lose out on quality at times. Makers such as aero/viberg focus more on the quality and functionality (maybe wrong word to describe this), aero is a motorcycle jacket company and viberg is a service boot both have intentions further than everyday fashion. CCP/MA+ don't focus on function such as falling off a motorcycle or something heavy falling on your foot. Although, i believe ccp/ma+ boots will hold up just fine they aren't designed for that. Hence, they have to sacrifice some of the quality for a certain aesthetic and thats fine. I handled some ccp/ma+ and never felt anything was flimsy but i mostly focused on their leathers. I am sure aero/viberg is great to handle as well.

Now after all that we came to comparing large manufacturers and fashion labels that produce a huge quantity of items to small shops like aero/viberg/ccp/ma+ (i bet no one expected those 4 in one sentence). I have seen pics of aero workshop and its not large so people can focus on the details and produce great items while the larger fashion houses sometimes don't (not true for all of them).

Anyways lots of things to consider when quality comes into play. And of course if you are ordering a unique item from ma+/ccp there is a certain threshold of qc issues that one has to accept when the item comes. I believe same goes for aero/viberg maybe someone can comment.

Point is we are always comparing Apples to Oranges here. A fashion jacket will never be as functional for a motorcycle as a motorcycle jacket.
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I hate my UPS guy. 3rd day in a row he has claimed to not be able to deliver my package due to severe weather, there is no severe weather. I called the local branch to complain and they told me to use the online chat function (wtf?). I logged on and the guy asked me to "bear" with him. 

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If he had asked you to "bare" with him you'd be like a/s/l?

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who is sf's tyrion?
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Mmm brought my work headphone rig into my current work and I'm reminded of how good a good setup can be. Money put into a good headphone audio setup has always seemed to make sense when you work a desk job where you aren't interrupted by constant meetings and calls.

Music Fidelity vlink async usb to digital converter -> modified Esoteric D3 DAC -> kevin gilmore designed dynamight (balanced dynahi) -> audio technica w-5000s.

The w5000s are the first expensive purchase I made 10 years ago when I got my first job and they are still going strong and I still expect them to for pretty much my lifetime. Honestly, not the best value in headphones since imo it requires careful amp pairing to sound excellent while many are less finnicky. But pretty nevertheless.

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SSENSE needs a wish list.

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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

who is sf's tyrion?

i wish i were. but i'm not witty enough ._.
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

If he had asked you to "bare" with him you'd be like a/s/l?

Well shit, I just spoke to my wife (English teacher) and this is apparently a cultural thing. In the US "bear with me" is apparently the correct usage. I feel like an idiot.

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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

In the US "bear with me" is apparently the correct usage.

This is a common expression across the English-speaking world. It is not exclusive to the United States, or even North America.
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This ^. It's "bear" in the sense of "bearing" a burden or "bearing up" under pressure.
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Right, I know it's a common saying. I didn't realize "bear" was the correct usage as in my rage of dealing with another delay all I could picture were a couple of grizzly bears scratching their back on a tree together.


anywayyyyyyy still pissed that this UPS guy won't deliver shit. I gave him my number last winter and told him if there's an issue getting down our road just call me and i'll meet him to pick it up in town.

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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

who is sf's tyrion?



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