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You mean, on SW+D? just generally come across as more conservative, I think. A little too dadcore for most. Comfy though.

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What are the reasons chukkas generally not approved at SF? I've wanted some suede boots for awhile and I don't wear zip boots, ever. Already got couple pairs of workboots in calf and buffalo. Now I want some suede chukkas. 

Fuck the haters.  Chukkas, done right, are a nearly perfect height.  They give enough ankle support, don't look like blobs, which happens all too often with lowtops, and allow you more mobility and breathability than hightops (padded high tops in the summer can really suck).  Also, stacks fall on them well, and they also look good with jeans or pants cut right at the ankle or a little above.  A few years ago, they were the footwear of choice everywhere - at Pitti, you'd couldn't throw a rock without hitting some dude in Church's Saharas.


If you are really afraid of being called dadcore or whatever, get a "baller" pair.  I am ordering a pair of dirty white/beige reverse horse, single piece of leather ones from Guidi, which were super comfy and looked fucking great, even when I tried them on with my gym clothes (Moo style).

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My SF rec copy pasta. I can make a list for the South Bay too... (San Jose and its surrounding suburbs). It skips a lot of the really famous spots like Fleur de Lys, Gary Danko (kinda overrated), etc.

If you're not leaving the actual city:

Coffee - Philz, Sightglass if you're a snob

Snacks/between meal stops - Swan Oyster Depot, SOMA StrEAT food park (food trucks/microbrews on tap), show dogs

Burgers - a lot of places in SF make good burgers - B Bar (Yerba Buena garden right by Bloomingdale's/Barney's/etc.) is a good outdoor spot, you can order pitchers of various drinks and hang out there in the sun

Pizza - Tony's Pizza Napoletana, Capo's, 00 (although the soft serve and fried chicken might be better than the pizza)

Noodles - Turtle Tower (get the CHICKEN pho), Halu (ramen)

Happy Hour - Nihon Whiskey Lounge (tons of whiskey, pretty good food), there's tons of drink nerd spots too all over the city, lots of spots with views near the water (Coqueta, Water Bar, etc.)

Dinner -
American: Zuni Cafe (the roast chicken for 2, order as soon as you are seated it takes forever, devour raw bar and rabbit salad while you wait), Cockscomb, State Bird Provisions

Tasting menus: Benu, Saison

Sushi: Zushi Puzzle or Saru or Sushi Ran (Sausalito)

Italian: Incanto, La Ciccia, Sotto Mare

SF doesn't do traditional steak houses very well, so I would skip most of those. Maybe Osso or Boboquivari's is as close as it gets. 5A5 etc. for something less traditional. House of Prime Rib is a bit of a tourist trap, but it's pretty good.

Dessert - Bi-Rite Creamery, date spots - Luna Park / Candy Bar / Ghiradelli Square, Golden Gate Bakery for egg tarts, Smitten and Humphrey Slocombe for Ice cream

Brunch - Mama's is rightfully famous, or you can pick up pastries at Tartine, Slow Maple is a good option too and you can walk around that area after. SF really loves it's brunches.

This list is actually pretty legit:
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has m.a.+ always made kids clothing?

(picture from Maeda of ATRUM)
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chukkas are terrible for the most part
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yeah chukkas just avoid the shapeless ones like clarks or alden. slim leather or dainite sole instead of light color crepe. nice desaturated color like off white reverse bison. when in doubt, consult DWFII --->
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I have an old pair of grey suede YSL chukkas that I love. I think as long as they are plain/minimal and generally suede they look pretty awesome.
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Also, are there any tips for getting did of pointy/stretched shoulders?
I just got a loose knit, 50/50 cotton cashmere, but the guy I got it from must have been storing it on a coat hanger cod the shoulders have that stretched point.
If it was pure cotton o would just put it in the dryer but don't really want to do that with the cashmere, and the fact it's a really thick, loose knit makes me hesitant as well, no joke the thing weight like 4lbs.
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I want to know if this Miran was the first Miran with that shitty polo shirt picture or if it's some troll assuming to be Miran
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just call chukkas "island dunks" and everyone will change their minds

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Can a brand ever use the N-word to sell clothes? The answer, surely, is absolutely not. Who would ever suggest it? Well, Jean Touitou, the founder of A.P.C., did today at a Fall presentation that was full of tasteful menswear but stretched the boundaries of appropriateness.

As he opened his live narration of the collection, Touitou told us this: "Being both a creative genius and making clothes that can be worn are two different jobs, two worlds apart. One can't at the same time do things right and bother with headlines and spotlight exposure." Touitou clearly—and rightly—counts himself as a maker of excellent, wearable clothes. And yet after promising during his first set of four looks, "I won't deliver a big shock," he then went on to do just that. Touitou ushered in a quartet of models wearing three different cuts of a camel overcoat and one check, all matched with gray sweatpants and A.P.C.-designed Timberlands. Then he held up a sign that said, "Last Ni##@$ IN PARIS," and gave us this exposition: "I call this one look Last N****s in Paris. Why? Because it's the sweet spot when the hood—the 'hood—meets Bertolucci's movie Last Tango in Paris. So that's 'N****s in Paris' and Last N****s in Paris. [Nervous laughter from audience.] Oh, I am glad some people laughed with me. Yes, I mean, it's nice to play with the strong signifiers. The Timberland here is a very strong ghetto signifier. In the ghetto, it is all the Timberlands, all the big chain. Not at the same time—never; it's bad taste. So we designed Timberlands with Timberland…" And on he went. Touitou likes to be irreverent. But what he said here seemed ill considered, at the very least.

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Possibly the best use of the "I have a black friend" excuse.
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i feel like Touitou is always trying to be this bad boy and then you see APC's clothes, which are nice clothes with very little attitude or unique design perspective, and you have to wonder if Touitou gets the incongruity here
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Je suis Jean.
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can't decide if this is ripping off dries or prada

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