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Classic Rick
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Portrait of John Galliano in 1985 (via Vox)

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is that a shirt or a kitchen towel folded to look like a shirt

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I bet he goes to Starbucks dressed like that
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Harry Potterliano
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Anyone know how to take off security tags? Nomad decided to leave them on my SNS pants and fabric is relatively delicate. Never seen this type of tag at any LA stores otherwise would get it taken off

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Ship it back?
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Relevant to a couple of pages back:


On numerous occasions, inaccurate assumptions have been made about the lifestyles, environments and bodily functions of people on the internet. Hence sometimes I find myself having to explain about my abilities to wear the clothes I am showcasing on this blog sporadically. While I am okay with doing this, I am more concerned with my regular readers who have to read the same explanations over and over. To you, my dear internet friends, I do apologise. But sometimes I must do what is necessary to keep up with the so-called integrity and ‘authenticity’ of this blog (what is authenticity in the fashion blogging context anyway?!).
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looks like one of the security tags that get removed with a high powered magnet.
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

Ship it back?
Trying to avoid shipping it back but will see what they say
Originally Posted by clark kent View Post

looks like one of the security tags that get removed with a high powered magnet.

Thanks will try that out
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They should pay for shipping both ways, since it's their mistake, so I wouldn't worry about costs.  But, yea, it's a pita.  

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i think a more important point is you got sns pants?
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Hmm this is the first time I have ever seen a UPS package being shipped to me turn yellow with the notification that "it was damaged" and that UPS received a "carton with nothing inside". Is the Margiela boutique trying to coke bottle me?
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only rick coke bottles. yours was probably a pepsi.
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Yeah coke is too mainstream....maybe Mr. Pibb?
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