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Originally Posted by jet View Post

anyone got any light wool blanket recs? dieworkwear?

am thinking of a faribault but also looking at the scottish plaid one on km, want to be sure of my options before I pull the trigger

I use a Pendleton, which I like, but it's nothing crazy or luxurious. I like it for it's heritage though, as corny as that sounds. Also use a Swiss Army blanket in the living room, although that's admittedly a bit hipstery. Original ones go on eBay for $100+, but you can get good repros for $25 (also on eBay).

Sierra Trading Post has Fairbault Woolen Mills and Johnstons of Elgin. Stock for the second is a little low, but they have lots of the first. You can knock ~35% off the listed price using one of their DealFlyer coupons. They also sometimes post coupons on their Facebook page. I bought a Johnstons one many years ago when I was in Moscow. I didn't have my Pendleton with me at the time, and I don't have the Johnstons now, but from memory, I think the Johnstons felt a little nicer.

Slowdown Joe has a bunch of blankets from the Scottish mill Lovat. Prob of interest to no one on this side of the board, but Lovat is the mill where most of London Lounge's Cloth Club tweeds are woven. They charge something like $150 a meter, which is crazy, but that's another story. The blankets (and regular stock Lovat tweeds) don't cost as much.

Haven has W+H fleece blankets on sale (although, I hate the feeling of fleece against bare skin).

Hudson Bay has a bunch of heritage-y looking blankets. If you buy it from LL Bean, you can return it any time if you're not satisfied with it. Kind of a nice policy.

Elder Statesman has a bunch of crazy, crazy priced blankets in the four-figure range. No idea what they're like.

I also like some Ralph Lauren Home stuff, but I imagine that's not to the taste of a lot of people on this board. FWIW, they have a bunch of blankets on sale.

Adding a few more that just came to mind:

Woolrich: Another heritagey label

Great English Outdoors: They sell all sorts of cool UK-made things here, including some Welsh blankets

Fox Flannels: Probably very soft. I have some clothes made from their fabrics and they arguably make the best woolen flannels in the world.

Amana Woolen Mills: American mill. Very affordable, but also very itchy.

Green Grove Weavers: No experience, but I like the large herringbone. Looks cozy.
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Originally Posted by lesamourai View Post

what's that japanese store (?) that has takes fit pictures of their employees (?) and puts them on their site?

this is the most masterfully constructed joke i've ever read. question marks make it
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Maybe @Find Finn has handled Geismar's offerings.
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^trying to cop some towels from them

thanks dww, going to mull over this some over
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Cathy Horyn to serve as critic-at-large at The Cut:

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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Maybe @Find Finn has handled Geismar's offerings.

They do international shipping, but yeah no problem.
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Originally Posted by Distorbiant View Post

Reproduction is irresponsible given the current state of the climate.

At least here in Europe the climate really is the least of my/our worries for the future, so many counterproductive things going on at the moment and they have only gotten worse over the last 10-15 years, bringing kids in to that would just be idiotic.
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Originally Posted by LonerMatt View Post

Can I just say that this skirt is fucking amazing. If she's ever in Melbourne again, I'd definitely shout her a bubble tea.

Are we sure this isnt a dude
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I love Rosenrot and she's got not only incredible style but can absolutely enchant with her words...

but like, I gotta wonder, does she eat stuff like pizza or corndogs in those clothes? Does she only eat stuff like ceviche and other foodstuffs that I'm not quite sure what they actually are? God. I can't imagine eating a county fair corndog while looking such a regal badass. Seriously, like when I imagine myself eating a corndog, I'm like probably naked, maybe just whitey tidies, definitely pantsless, and probably just spilled a bit of milk on myself.

Please Gracia if you read this instagram a corndog picture
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Originally Posted by skeen7908 View Post

Are we sure this isnt a dude

We're not even sure any of us might not even be a corndog, dude
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I swear to God, every time I read an awful comment on here, 99.99999% of the time, when I click to see their other posts, the person mainly posts in the ToJ and John Elliot threads. It's almost without fail.
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Can someone pm @RXS09  and tell him to unblock me

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Originally Posted by Waffle View Post

How's the sizes of Diemme shoes? I'm a size 43 in SLP and UK 9 in Church's, would UK 9 fit me? Thanks. smile.gif


I have a pair of Roccia Vet, size 42, and I'm usually a TTS US9/EU42 - I'd go true to size, although mine are quite old. That's for the hiking boots, I think the Diemme sneakers use Margom soles so I'd imagine it's the normal Margom sizing, which means you should go down one size

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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

Honestly though... where is she wearing that?

It's disappointing to see the reaction to this question.  Isn't it a reasonable thing to ask?    Are outfits put together with no consideration of how/where/when they will be worn?

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It's not really unheard of that people who work in fashion dress "differently", Anna Dello Russo is a good example of that as well.

For those of you who are interested in how she makes a living, not that it's really relevant.


I'm sure she makes a good amount of money of sponsorship stuff as well.
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