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When do you need this by? I think if you're patient, you can do pretty well. I have a Dries suit that was $400 and a Jil suit I got from a seller here for like $70 (the Dries suit is perfect, the Jil suit I still need to have tailored). Of course, I've never had a need to wear either, but I'll assume I'll be glad I own them at some point?


Yoox and ebay are both great for this, although ebay requires you to be willing to re-sell a bunch of stuff that doesn't end up fitting.

Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

Not until March 14th, which is when the wedding is. Tailoring is not an issue since I know a skilled tailor (hi mom), so I'm pretty flexible.

There are a few people on this forum that have a pretty big presence on ebay that come to mind like spoo, brianpore, jgill etc. These guys know their measurements and are reputable. Point being, if you can figure out what fits you and have reasonable measurements, you'll easily be able to get something that will cost less than 300 and fit well with some tailoring.


Yoox is a great suggestion as well, but the sizing for stuff can be all over the place and I guess you have to stick with what you know or be willing to order a few sizes and play the returns game.


Also, formal AE shoes pop up on ebay ALL the time. It's a mass brand and you can get park avenues for <100 for burgundy which I prefer to black. 


You'll be able to land shoes and a suit from ebay for under 300 together if you give yourself a month of looking for stuff.


Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

got another message this morning

"please don't sell it before I pay you!!!!"

sure thing boss.

Same person?

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Anyone get a Damir Silent tee this season? Are they TTS or go up one?

I guess more to the point...are they slim enough to size up one if they don't have my size?
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yeah, @gettoasty a good brushing should sort that out just fine 

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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

I guess it's just cosmetic if it was CM gear is be more OCD. Just a Lemaire coat

I just recently picked up the other one ha

Target finally stocked it but haven't had a chance to use it yet. I'll pm you

@dieworkwear what was that fancy dey cleaner you posted about? Perhaps I should send them my gear.

Rave Fabricare. I wear wool all the time in the rain though and have never had problems. As Kyle suggested, maybe try brushing with a clothes brush? Don't know what's going on, but you should be able to wear wool in the rain.
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Maybe toasty was wearing it in....

ACID RAIN foo.gif
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Well you guys were right and I had my other items shipped to me and then my last item arrived at the FJ warehouse today. Damnit!
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FromJapan and Modescape would like to express our sincerest apologies in delaying the shipment of your jawnz in light of our celebration of the New Year with considerable amounts of sake and nihonshu. We understand the importance of being dope and looking fresh and realize the folly of our ways. Once again, please accept our deepest apologies.
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Does anyone have a good recommendation for a light grey trouser with a slight taper so that I can kind of wear casually and dress it up?  I have to start giving presentations to new residents on how to not be dicks communicate with people.



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What good stores are there in NYC besides these?





Opening Ceremony

Tokio 7



Aloha Rag


Patron of the New

Atelier (?)

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bbs RO dsm
mmm flagship quite good
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Similar question but for DC. Anything decent open up recently? I'll be there next week with some time to kill. The only one I know I'd like to check out is Mutiny, but they're only open during business hours. confused.gif

I'm not particularly interested in any of the chain stores in G-town, downtown, or in Chinatown.
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Originally Posted by t3hg0suazn View Post

bbs RO dsm
mmm flagship quite good

Wait we have a BBS flagship?
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

Wait we have a BBS flagship?

Yea, it opened up not too long ago. 

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Dover St Market
45rpm (not popular here but their store is Soho is beautiful)
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fuck bbs


idol is cool and v friendly

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