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Is this the sweater sipang got scammed on? http://www.styleforum.net/t/443555/bnwot-dries-van-noten-cherry-red-multi-yarn-sweater-drop

Hey friends,

Should've posted an update on this. The guy actually refunded me without problem, said the sweater got held at his landlord for months and that he sent the money back when he finally received it but it apparently didn't make it through. I got my money back so it's all good as far as I'm concerned.
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long shot, but does anyone want the levi's denim jacket i dyed (black dye, turned out purple). I don't really wear it anymore and want to make room for a regular denim jacket. not worth selling, so I'll probably donate to goodwill if no one here wants it.
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Breaking news: I am wearing a pair of slim and faded APC jeans in the first time since forever, and I think they look fucking awesome.

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notwithit - aesop
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i haven't worn indigo denim in at least two years, probably longer.

lately i find myself wishing i could just wear clothes from one designer, just to make things a little simpler like having a uniform, only there's no single designer who makes clothes i want to wear exclusively
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Who makes a nice slimmer fitting, heavy duffle?
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@notwithit i live in a Aveeno Skin Relief Overnight Cream household. there are probably 5 tubes of it in my house rn.

@mike868y what's the sizing like? i might hit it w/ more black dye or something.
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Plugging this here:



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it's an xs and fits pretty slim/cropped. i could get measurements, but i'm guessing it'd be way too small for you.
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i'm a s or xs in basically everything, though S is usually a better choice. convince me not to ask for it: is the p2p under 19"?
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uhh, I think it's more like 18.5, but I can check tonight!
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basically, if it's over 19 after all, i AM interested, and if so, let's take it to pms.
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do zamb pants always run small? got a 48 but feel like i could go 50, which ruined my day
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yeah my 48 is tight in the upper block, still works really nice with longer shirts. got them at 70off so i dont really mind

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so i go to a cobbler in sf that i've used before and ask him to add vibram to a pair of boots.
red flag 1
cobbler: says we don't carry vibram
me: how about topy
cobbler: no topy
me: what do you have?
cobbler takes out some no name rubber that he says is vastly superior, looks like some 3rd party junk.
red flag 2
me: i want to add tread to my boot, sole, heel and a heel tap. (at this point his generic stuff but i am hesitant)
cobbler: no need to add to heel
me: but i would like to add rubber to heel too
red flag 3
me: how long will it take?
cobbler: 1 week
(i know my regular guy will do it in 1-2 days max)

take my boots, say good day to you sir and will be going to my regular guy.
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