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im sure this question has been asked before, but what are the best shops in portland? im there all next week. looking for good thrift stores, and good shit in general. i have nothing planned.
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I find a lot of designer statements silly, though sometimes they allow some insight into what the designer was going for. They can be useful to the designer though since they let the designer define how people, and importantly the press, talk about a collection.
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I think that I've gotten a lot more pleasure out of editorials - particularly third party - than I ever have from designer statements. I love Julius' nonsense, in part because I'm half-convinced the absurd manifestos are some kind of in-joke.
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on a similar note, are there any men's fashion magazines worth subscribing too? or podcasts?
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Originally Posted by eluther View Post

EG FW 2014 was inspired by the British country side and glam rock, which was pretty dope and made for an interesting and fun collection. Reading about it made the collection more enjoyable seeing ways the motifs were teased out and pit against each other. So, reading that shit can enhance your experience if it falls in line with your personal interests/self-image.

I think the fetishization of continental philosophy (and equally as abstruse occidental art) is about introducing some impenetrable mystery into fashion: obviate the designer from actually being accountable for their influences, which are probably more quotidian. It's all about giving your customers the sense that what they're buying aren't just clothes, but a narrative – i.e. hype and producing an image. Getting turned off from that is legitimate because it really is all smoke and mirrors. However, I think you can take it as the kind of circus show it is and enjoy it for that.

Or, you can view it as an artistic production, which is a lot more complex and potentially unrewarding when you realize it's just some bourgeoise white zerson sitting in their atelier trying to figure out how to fleece other privileged folks from their money.


I enjoy designers who take from simpler inspirations such as... winter weeds, rather than something hyper-intellectual. I can see that designers need to promote their work and thus come up with words to describe it -- building a narrative; it's an unfortunate necessity of capitalist markets. I guess I'm lamenting bigger problems with intellectualism and art. For example, when a Julius jacket designed for Death Note is of better taste than a Plato/Nietzsche/Confucius inspired jacket by random asian designer #243, it convinces me to ignore rather than buy into the inspiration behind art and fashion, as I always have. Without this mindset, I wouldn't be able to enjoy Ezra Pound if I'm Jewish, or more practically, see that I'm wasting my money on an ugly jacket.


When a designer has a good ethos, is likeable, it definitely adds to the buying experience, and vice versa, but this shouldn't be the case. And I sympathize with designers who put a lot of thought into their work and prefer to present it as a cohesive whole. Without getting too complicated, I think fashion simply magnifies an ill-conceived societal habit of relating art to some intellectual basis. I'm of the opinion the two has nothing to do with each other, but recognize the link is necessary.


Basically I was in eth0s looking at Elena Dawson blazers (which are nice), but then read something about channeling a metaphysical presence within the fabric and it made me decide to neverkop.

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I like when my wardrobe is inspired by interior decor such as, say, rugs for example.
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I am drawn to designers whose inspiration is obviously a fun house reflection of some form of Americana or Britannia.  The pseudo-intellectual detritus that consistutes some designers' "statements" make me cringe, especially those based on a misreading of the Cole's notes of some, usually French or German philosopher's, greatest hits.  Those are just marginally worse than the statements that invoke some literary figure.  At least poetry and literature often has a strong visual element.  All this generall doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the clothes, except for the fact that I might be associated with people who write long form essays on how wearing MA+ represents their alienated soul.


For me, most designers should STFU about philosphy in the way most actors should STFU about politics.  

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I get that most of the younger designers went to art school and were probably force-fed Heidegger/Walter Benjamin or w/e they read nowadays

Fashion Designer Hiroki Nakamura Cites Ayn Rand as Inspiration for His Pricing
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

I like when my wardrobe is inspired by interior decor such as, say, rugs for example.

paging @conceptual 4est 


That Tim Coppen's jacket he has is incredible.  I wish that I had it, and my disappointment is only mitigated by the fact that that jacket is probably a full 2 sizes too small for my frame.

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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

Fashion Designer Hiroki Nakamura Cites Ayn Rand as Inspiration for His Pricing

That would be awesome and I would buy more.

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Originally Posted by jet View Post

I like when my wardrobe is inspired by interior decor such as, say, rugs for example.

Beni Ourain clothing
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Junya is kinda funny in that he rarely gives anymore than a word or two. Sometimes he says outright there's no subtext at all.
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wish i didn't need to pay car insurance and could buy geobaskets sigh
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Buy geobaskets and take the subway. More people will see them too.
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