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I have no idea what DHL is doing. My package from Luxire arrived to a facility about 10 km from where I live yesterday morning, but they won't deliver it due to "adverse weather conditions". Then they fly it to Sweden about 600 km away?! I mean, I could have picked up the package myself, the weather really wasn't that bad. Now it's been shipped back to Denmark but it's in the other side of the country. :puzzled:

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It was windy, but nothing really to warrant stopping delivery.
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Yeah, exactly. There was lots of cars on the roads, and instead they fly it to Sweden and then to Billund when it was already in Copenhagen..

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I've had that happen before when I've bought things from overseas, they always told me they were "re-checking it through customs" because somebody missed something or didn't do it right.
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Are there any Munich area SFers?

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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

i feel like i've been reading about the death of slim silhouettes for three years

more on this -- somebody just bumped this 2009 thread regarding "when will baggy clothes make a comeback" to the top of the SF front page. You can see what a lot of current posters had to say on the matter back in the day, including u me jetdawg and some others.

It is a short read but kind of funny to see what people were saying was going to happen real soon and what was going to happen five years later. also there is a pic of you in baggy pants as a kid...
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holy fuck @ thirteen year old brad.

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stopped by barneys and neiman marcus today. it's amazing the amount of "high end" brands that just feel (fabric wise, wasn't even tempted to try on anything) like utter shit. the stuff at club monaco felt nicer to me, tbh.
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Barney's SF dropped Geller and Geller Seconds. I noticed a few other brands missing. Saw some nice MMM knits that of course, weren't on sale. Rick buy was either already picked over or not fully in yet. Probably the latter?

DH boutique was pretty picked over, but some nice footwear and outerwear (I noticed Sandro copied a few items).
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I was at barneys SF a few weeks ago and selection was pretty disappointing. NY and BH both had better selections. Really dissapointing they dropped Geller in general too.
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Only person in music I ever thought looked good in baggy clothes was Tupac. Everyone else in this vid is what I want to avoid coming back.



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Anyone shop here before? Just One Eye?

You been @jet?
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Does anyone actually read the inspiration/mission statements/theses behind fashion collections? I looked up a bit on Elena Dawson and Geoffrey B. Small after handling their pieces and couldn't handle the psuedo-continental philosophy pretension despite liking their clothes. There seems to be a select few virtues all designers strive for; some type of Marxist anti-consumerism motto that makes you feel closer to the production process, e.g. guidi, hand-made, no mass production; emphasizing Romantic individualism: new take on old forms, etc, and attention to materials; which means there's some mohair or alpaca somewhere or exotic leathers.


Was also looking at AnnD's FW11 collection that was supposedly inspired by William Blake, and it was nothing like how I'd imagine William Blake would appear through fashion. I get that most of the younger designers went to art school and were probably force-fed Heidegger/Walter Benjamin or w/e they read nowadays but I honestly have never ever associated anything higher than manga or punk rock with most designers. It gives me a false sense of security that someone like Ann looks to William Blake rather than Death Note for inspiration, but I've found that none of it should make any difference in how the end product is conceived. And the more designers or retailers write about how special their clothes are, and yes it's to sell more shit, the more I get turned off from buying it.

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EG FW 2014 was inspired by the British country side and glam rock, which was pretty dope and made for an interesting and fun collection. Reading about it made the collection more enjoyable seeing ways the motifs were teased out and pit against each other. So, reading that shit can enhance your experience if it falls in line with your personal interests/self-image.

I think the fetishization of continental philosophy (and equally as abstruse occidental art) is about introducing some impenetrable mystery into fashion: obviate the designer from actually being accountable for their influences, which are probably more quotidian. It's all about giving your customers the sense that what they're buying aren't just clothes, but a narrative – i.e. hype and producing an image. Getting turned off from that is legitimate because it really is all smoke and mirrors. However, I think you can take it as the kind of circus show it is and enjoy it for that.

Or, you can view it as an artistic production, which is a lot more complex and potentially unrewarding when you realize it's just some bourgeoise white zerson sitting in their atelier trying to figure out how to fleece other privileged folks from their money.
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