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Seriously, it's been 35-40f in upstate NY the last few days and everybody has a t shirt on taking about how "warm" it is.
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Upstate meet up?

Idk about everybody in t shirts i was at the mall and people had dem jackets. It gets coooold at night
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54 outside today, had to break out the heattech
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ugh, fucking abysmal customer service from patrik ervell's webstore.

take a week to respond to an exchange request
i get the item back to them four days later
don't hear back from them, send them an email 9 days later
don't hear back from them again, send them an email 8 days later after the first email (17 total)
they give me a tracking number that i was never emailed. the item was sent out about a week ago
the item was delivered to a city with the same name as mine but in a different state...one that apparently doesn't even exist
i don't hear back from them today about it
i have to call fedex myself to find out that they shipped it to the wrong zip code

it's nearing a month now. i'll probably just buy his shit from online stores from now on.
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My co-workers are talking about highly coveted Kate Spade bags for themselves and friends. I'm missing something right?
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people will buy ugly shit with a designer label on it
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You can buy Kate Spade at outlets therefore it is EVERYTHING
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For the high street audience who buys Burberry/McQueen scarves, designer eye wear and perfume, but never actually intend to look deeper into brands. 

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No Michael Kors no care
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Same reason Coach always has lines out the door.
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Originally Posted by BBSLM View Post

No Michael Kors no care

michael kors store was packed, so was coach and tory burch

can't believe women spend so much on such mediocrity
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^ I can.

Although admittedly, I still carry the same Coach wallet I've had since before I knew any better (I think I got it in high school, so 2002 maybe). I've been passively looking for a new one, but haven't found anything I like.
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Anyone have experience getting shoes stretched by a cobbler, actually works?
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yup the guys in the trickers shop in london did it for me. gives you maybe half a size in width. i dont think the length can change much.
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Im endeavouring to complete my wardrobe, to such an extent that I will never need to buy any more clothes again


Is this possible? Does anyone feel they have reached this stage?


Im starting to feel that my life is becoming an endless pursuit for beautiful clothes

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