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What's wrong with aa viscose tanks? As good as any "expensive" brands I've handled
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Originally Posted by t3hg0suazn View Post

what are my options for long gray tank tops that are good for layering? voidthebrand looks promising but I've never handled their stuff. americanapparel is meh but cheap

voidthebrand fabric is decent; it's a 50 cotton/50 modal blend. The shoulder straps are kinda wide, so it's almost a hybrid between a sleeveless t-shirt and a tank. They're plenty long, and unless you size up they tend to stack at the hips (which I like, but YMMV). The neck and sleeve seams are also a little wonky and don't necessarily lie flat, but not really in a bad way if that makes sense. They're on sale right now with free shipping, and CB14 gets you another 15% off.

If you don't mind a split hem, John Elliott + Co. mercer tanks are nice. You may want to size up one unless you want a fairly snug fit.

I think they only stock them during the summer, but my favorite tanks for layering purposes are probably the BDG tri-blend tanks from UO. They're plenty long and have a curved hem for dickflap (cockbib?) effect. Gotta size up on them. Quality is questionable, and you gotta check for flaws when they order them, but I like both the fit and fabric.
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I agree AA viscose is very nice, but they only have 2 sizes and I wasn't really going for the oversized look. Will give VtB a shot.

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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

No, seam pressing has to do with how the sleevehead expresses itself. I don't think that's bobo's issue.

Anyway, this is getting to be the blind leading the blind. Bobo should just talk to an actual tailor, or use the tailors' thread on the CM side of the forum. I'd only suggest trying the coat on with a sweater or another jacket underneath beforehand. Also, consider the overall silhouette of the coat. A wider shoulder can give a nice silhouette, making the waist seem narrower than it is. If you narrower the shoulders, but don't have any room to pinch in the waist, you could end up looking like a tube.

Thanks! With a half thick sweater, the shoulders look pretty much similiar to the picture. I think I need to take it to a tailor, but its very helpful to have an idea about what, if any, can be done with it. Regarding the silhuette, im tall and wide shouldered as it is, so I dont want to exaggerate that, but rather want a softer/more "drapey" look. However, there is definitly room to pinch in the waist as it is now., the coat is pretty wide (and about knee length).
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lol, good to hear that. my shoulders aren't wide but they're high/square, hence even a minimal padding makes me look frozen in a perpetual shrug.
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I need more Cosmic Wonder in my life. Check out this Cosmic Wonder First Light stuff... makes me wish for spring time and fishing in rivers...

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@t3hg0suazn, check out the tees from Odyn Vovk. You should be able to email them directly if there isn't a store who has your size.
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Isn't Odyn Vovk defunct?
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yea I was just about to ask that, thought they ended in 2012

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Wow, news to me! My last purchase (a tee) was a few months ago.

I wonder what Austin is up to now.... anyone knows?
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

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Thinking of wearing this OL suit:

with this shirt:

with black Raf derbies, a white cotton pocket square, and no tie. Seem reasonable, if not exactly inspired?

The event makes no mention of a dress code. It will be attended by over-eager entrepreneurs and the mayor. As I am neither of those, I'm not really sure why I'm attending.
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Dig it, but don't you think a white shirt would better complement the suit fabric?
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Possibly, and I commend you on your correct spelling of the word complement (rather than compliment, which would mean that the shirt was saying something nice about the suit fabric).

I think my only white button-front shirt is in the laundry, though. shog[1].gif
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Or complament-- to match in a mournful way
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