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@nahneun off the top of my head, check CKC, Jil, D&G (trust- their slim shirts are great and can be had for cheap)
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Im watching 50/50 and im getting so teary eyed

I keep remembering all the patients that didn't make it while I was part of the team taking care of them :'(
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nahneun, pretty sure dolce & gabbana black label makes that shirt, I have a black open placket high collar version

there was no hidden placket high collar one but I do recall seeing a hidden placket regular collar

pretty slim too with full box pleat down the back and 2 long darts, 97%Cotton/3%ea? so has some stretch
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oh dear god. d&g is the only brand that makes the exact shirt i want? am i turning into a eurotrash monster ;o;?
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sinnedk did say you were a prick.... :P
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I dont own much d&g but black label is probably the least eurothras and that shirt fits me perfect, hence why I bought it

besides what can you do when in a rush and the only thing close by is a fucking neiman marcus foo.gif
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being a total brand snob, i don't think i'd be able to live with myself if i wore a d&g shirt. even wearing the d&g tie i got as a gift makes me feel like a terrible human being (sorry friend!)
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does sizing up 1 on guidi apply to the laced boots too or just back zips?

and I'm sorry for you 'cuz you have to keep looking biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

does sizing up 1 on guidi apply to the laced boots too or just back zips?

and I'm sorry for you 'cuz you have to keep looking biggrin.gif

From my experience, I would size up no matter what on Guidi.
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winston is lying. i had to get a size 38 for my guidis and i'm a true 39.

totally joking. size up 1. sometimes even size up 2.
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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

A few yes ago I was gifted a 3 pack of those Supreme branded Hanes t-shirts. They fit me perfectly but have been trashed. I don't really want to spend $28 on sone Hanes tees but I don't know what kind they are. The Hanes website has about 20 diff variations of "TAGLESS" T's (also lol at the fact they trademarked the word tagless) and they still seem overpriced at ~$8 each.
Anyway. Does anybody know which Hanes T's supremr uses. I feel like a fucking asshole even asking this question but the last week has shown me how fucking hard it is too find a decent fitting plain black tee.



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No longer available, but the +J hidden packets were nice and slim sized up. Small collar, no chest pocket, darted.
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I had that exact shirt made last month by moderntailor. Highly recommended.
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RIP my wallet, been working from home for the past two years which is awesome because I don't need a full office wardrobe. Now I'm transitioning back to office life and I need a ton of clothes. No clue where to start.. Really want to try and make outlier pants work because I like to take stretch breaks and the additional ROM is nice.
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I had the chance to check out the before mentioned Norwegian Rain Moscow coat, it's really well made, BUT and it's a big but Kim K big, it doesn't have a zipper, which was a complete deal breaker for me, why or who would buy a -25 C winter coat without a zipper.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

Originally Posted by accordion View Post

are those only rain coats? They don't make winter coats?

They are releasing a winter coat called Moscow this month, which will be $1200-1600 including European VAT, depending on the fabric.

I was told by them that you can preorder it now, if you want one.

There's going to be a women's version as well.
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