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Originally Posted by DLester View Post

who is the Acronym expert round here?
iirc abraxis posted a fit in some acronym a while back, also @Suyi
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As an American, I have no idea why you would spend your hard earned money and time off to goto Iran out of all the places in the world you could go for a vacation. It reminds me of those awful trips that end up on various TV programs due to some catastrophe... I'm always thinking "why the fuck would you spend money and time to go do that?"
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Vacations mean different things to different people.. some people would rather see interesting places while others want to relax on the beach. By the accounts of friends who have been there, Iran is a very safe and welcoming country to Western tourists. One of my friends is from Iran and he keeps bugging me to visit his country with him, and I have to keep reminding him our governments don't get along frown.gif

US citizens need to be part of a guided tour to get a travel visa
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You can see lots of interesting places that don't involve a hostile government / lethal insects / awful diseases / deadly animals / guerrilla warfare / or all of the above. Doesn't have to be a beach.
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lol, I don't think there's any more guerrilla warfare or deadly insects in Iran than there are in Detroit and Texas, respectively
I've visited plenty of countries like Laos, Cambodia, heading to Myanmar soon, with governments I don't support, but the money I spend traveling thankfully doesn't support the government, it goes into the hands of local people (well, mostly). I try to spend well when I travel as well, supporting local enterprise and environmentally friendly tourism. I think it's important to make the distinction between governments and their people
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@Synthese This is what you can expect on the NY Subway

Fashion is serious business
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I wish one day I can go on a vacation, nice private hotel, a beach side, read the books I want to read. Drink the drinks I want to drink as slow as possible. Go to a open, local concert (jazz or the likes). Anywhere void of insects. Mild weather. Somewhere I can travel by foot or bicycle. And I do not need to carry a backpack around all day (maybe a tote or sorts at most).

Some place where I can basically do nothing and everything I want.
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we hired a couple of Guatemalan guys recently. I am now known as 'Don Lukas' I feel like I've waited my entire life for this.
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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

damn, sorry I missed this. haha.

had a good time on Friday. happy to finally meet @LA Guy. my wife was thoroughly entertained by the whole thing and chatted @ghostface's ear off. and of course good seeing you other guys again, synth, c4est, and Ken.

mentioned it then, but if anyone wants to grab lunch or dinner or whatever at any point feel free to hit me up.

ha, it was great meeting everyone, and fun chatting with your lovely wife (who at one point extolled your attractiveness as a function of your virtuousness).

Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

Bummed I missed you and @ghostface, need a raincheck.

yeah, sorry to have missed you. let's all try to get together for a meal and/or drinks sometime soon-- maybe between thanksgiving and xmas? (anyone in the nyc area or who will be in town should feel free to join.)
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I know Mister Freedom isn't most people's bag here, but speaking of all these great places, apparently MF's SS15 collection is titled "Saigon Cowboy." Kind of excited

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Originally Posted by habitant View Post

we hired a couple of Guatemalan guys recently. I am now known as 'Don Lukas' I feel like I've waited my entire life for this.


many of the hermanos and japanese guys at my job call me "Money Boss"

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Vacation? No beach no deal. Hell if I have to bring jackets or heavy knits thats no vacation

Skiing? Shit I invite you to lake in the scenery with your ol' pal Regis

...Listening to some Majek Fashek

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The trunk show was a good time. Everybody from I met from SW&D was super friendly, as expected. (I suppose the unfriendly ones must have stayed home)

-The first day somebody mistook me for @LA Guy. "You want the 5'11" Asian dude in the 4zip moto" (There should be some photos of us wearing each other's 4zips)
-The scotch was good. I probably had way too much. (Mrs. LA Guy could probably drink me under the table)
-I finally worked up the courage to ask @Synthese to try on the Cloak shearling. (I imagine girls must get super nervous around him)

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I also wandered over to Margiela in Greenwich. This has @RegisDB9 written all over it.

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afp kept drinking laphroig right next to me and its incredible bouquet kept wafting my way every time he took a sip. rude frown.gif
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