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IPAs need to be drunk as fresh as possible. The longer an IPA sits on the shelves the more it loses the fresh grassy and floral notes and the more the bitterness starts to creep in and overpower everything else. My brother does some brewery work and the difference between an IPA that has been sitting on a shelf in a bottle shop for 2 months and one that was freshly bottled that day is crazy.


My heart is with sour beers and barley wines at the moment though. So delicious.

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I'm really into water these days

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is it weird that I thought of @DLester when I saw this on Bourdain's show:

Warning: Iranian Beer! (Click to show)


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i only drink distilled
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I can't be the only one who doesn't give a shit about fancy beers. If it tastes alright and then it's fine with me. Less money spent on boutique beverages brewed by guys with beards means more money for kopping. It's just math.

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I only drink beer from clean shaven brewers. you can tell from the razor symbol printed next to the upc code
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I don't have the enzymes to drink alcohol, nor do I really understand drinking to begin with. 

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Yes, let's play the "that thing you like, but i don't get, is ridiculous" game. I'll go ahead and throw out Lena Dunham and anything she's ever done.
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Lena Dunham smells like cheese. True story - buddy of mine was next to her at a bakery and was like "it's gouda to meet you" and she said "oh that's funny, asshole" and walked away without her boysenberry tart.
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Lena dunham gets a lot of shit for doing the types of things/telling the types of stories that men do. She's obviously in on the joke that her character in Girls is awful, but for some reason people can seperate sienfeld the character from sienfeld the person but they can't with Lena.

I also think Girls is really funny in a "these people are awful so enjoy watching them fail" it's always sunny sorta way. And it's pretty groundbreaking for a show like that to center around women.

She's not perfect but she gets a lot more shit than she deserves.
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Originally Posted by kindofyoung View Post

Part 3 of the best thing to have originated from Four-Pins



Part 1:

Part 2:


My favourites:


What The Lookbook Projects: You are a creative nomad. You don't have a Twitter account and the only reason you have an iPhone is to fulfill your freelance photography contract with National Geographic's new sub-print. You own a vintage Toyota Land Cruiser. You met your wife while studying abroad in Oaxaca.

What Wearing The Brand Is Really Like: You once dated a Korean girl for two years and got really disappointed when you found out she wasn't Japanese and couldn’t translate for you on your "inspiration" trip to Tokyo. Sometimes you confuse smoking weed and Google image searching with actually being cool.



Norse Projects

What The Lookbook Projects: You live in a home that is as modest as it is fucking sick. It's got Japanese pottery and modern Danish furniture and sleek, murdered out electronics. Even your vintage record player is all black. You can make a coffee better than most baristas, but you still frequent the small bakery that's a few minutes from your crib because you like to start your day with an impeccably crafted small, but filling fruit tart and a strong doppio. Your girlfriend is 5'11 and her hair is basically a field of autumn wheat. She's smart and clever in all the right places.

What Wearing The Brand Is Really Like: You're kinda poor, but you have good taste. You never wake up early enough for the Supreme drop. The weather where you live is pretty shitty. You drive to work. You kinda hate your city. Everyone, except your New York friends that you see twice a year make fun of your dope ass rain jacket. You really want to move to, but, again, you're kinda poor.

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Well... when you're making the kind of cheddar she makes, it's really not a big deal to get ridicule in abondance.
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Originally Posted by Abraxis View Post

Yes, let's play the "that thing you like, but i don't get, is ridiculous" game. I'll go ahead and throw out Lena Dunham and anything she's ever done.

Actually let's not.
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So, I have zero idea about beers, but at the trunk show, we will have McCallan 10 (or 12?) year and Laophraig.

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I definitely hate IPAs. I'll keep an eye on the EPLA and EPNY shirts. I thought the WvG shirts came with three arms?? I only have two.
They may be a little too CM for you, but have you considered Brooks Brothers extra slim fits? Brooks is the godfather of OCBDs. They're also among the only Brooks shirts made in the US.
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