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I love IPA's including the crazy ones, but agree that it's getting old. It just tastes like crazy hops at a certain point and yeah we get it that you can do that, but there's more to beer taste than just hops.


It's nuts that the hopiest american beers from 5-10 years ago are barely on the charts anymore...

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I think around an 8 inch hem is best (I think Synth does this?) I tried them on with a 7.5 inch hem. Slimmer hems can look good too

Like this:

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except wear a shirt

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Motherfuck the shirt

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[wrong thread]
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IPA = race to the bottom. No thanks.
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Wrote two messages pleading him not to send it. We'll see when he writes back.

I really hope he just hit "shipped" to end the case, but didnt actually ship it.

Still worried.

How did he get the address in the first place?
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How did he get the address in the first place?

It was an old address on my Paypal Page. It didn't select my newest address even though I hit "make default address".

The whole thing is fucked frown.gif
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can't stand IPAs
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Depends on the IPA to be fair. I tried Meadowlark by Pretty Things the other night and that was very nice. Revolution (in Chicago) makes an incredible IPA called the Anti-Hero, so check that out you midwesterners. I think it's important for an IPA to have just enough malt and juiciness to overcome how unbearable hops can be if you're not willing to go all-in. Still need to try Heady Topper, but I don't know when I'll make my trip up to Vermont (and I don't know if I'd even be able to buy enough to make the trip worth it).

I prefer APAs I guess, but that's just because I've had the chance to try some good ones. My old liquor store dude back in Illinois used to hold six packs of Zombie Dust for me off the shelf so I'd always have some to pick up from time to time. Most of all though, I'm looking forward to stout season. I want to see if I can get any Lost Abbey beers out here besides their Deliverance Ale (which is frankly one of the best beers I've ever had). And Bourbon County Stout. And World Wide Stout. Fuck it, I want all the high ABV stouts I can get.
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Don't move to Kent if you dislike hoppy beers - ours are renowned for being very hoppy (probably because we once had acres, upon acres of hop farms and you see converted oast houses everywhere). Despite being a Man of Kent born and bred, I confess to preferring something with more malt and less hops. Theakston's Old Peculier this evening...

I do enjoy the odd IPA though - American beer wise Shipyard IPA and Sierra Nevada are easily available in bottles here (I have a fondness for Sierra Nevada's Torpedo). English IPAs vary from the restrained (e.g. Greene & King IPA to the more traditional Indian IPAs.

good lord I miss drinking this
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stouts > IPA's
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Can you drink more than one stout? It's hard for me to get excited about any beer I can only drink 1 of a night. Not that I drink to get wasted, but sessionability is one of my criteria. I used to dislike hoppy beers, but everyone in my social group does so..... I kind of acquired the taste despite things.

And really all it is you start being able to detect the bitterness left and other more interesting flavors are more noticeable. It's like coffee... I went from being a non-coffee drinker to drinking black coffee pretty quickly in a similar fashion.

What happens sadly is many of the malty beers I like are just less enjoyable.. used to be a big fat tire and 1554 fan... now Sierra Nevada Pale Ale tastes as malty/nutty/not bitter as fat tire used to.

Another comparison is its like spicy food. At some point you just taste the spice less and you move on to spicier foods to recapture the diminished experience. Hence the hop-wars.
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I recently picked up two cases of beer: Ithaca Cascazilla and Founders Breakfast Stout. The Cascazilla, I mostly have with food (which I tend to douse in an ungodly quantity of hot pepper flakes); the FBS, I mostly have as an after-dinner drink.

On the whole I think FBS is a truly great beer whereas Cascazilla is a very good beer, but there are plenty of circumstances under which I'd rather have the Cascazilla.
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When I drink, I usually share beers with friends. We'll have a bunch of bottles picked out and then we'll pour them out so we can all try them. So when stouts enter the equation, it's usually to cap off a session of drinking. When I go out to a pub I'll usually split things up and have one or two sessionable beers, then maybe one stout.

Abraxis, do you like brown ales/Scottish ales at all?
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Can drink as many stouts a night as I can any other beer. Delicious.

Cutting back though. So many calories.
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send me some zombie dust please. i'll let you know when i start popping bottles again.
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