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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

only says raw silk here, scroll down for closeup...

I'll defer to people who actually make things, so maybe it is indeed raw silk. It's worth noting, however, that stores, brands, factories, and mills don't always speak the same language. What a store or brand might call raw silk isn't necessarily what a mill would call raw silk.

Also worth noting that sometimes things are just mislabeled. I can think of a few instances where labels from manufacturers said that a garment was made from X, but when I checked with the mill, they said the composition is actually X+Y. I don't know if the manufacturer or brand purposefully lied or they were just misinformed, but labels aren't always true.
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Originally Posted by Donut View Post

Wasn't there that Acronym diffusion or collab label that wasn't too badly priced. Name totally slipped my mind but I remember looking up a few pieces on rakuten and yjp

Disaeran for United Arrows/Beauty & Youth
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Well, I just spent an hour trying on two coats I own, but have never worn, to decide which (or both) to sell. After roasting under an Inverallan knit and wool cap, I decided I kinda like both of them. That wasn't very helpful.

Nanamica Windstopper duffle

RRL Crawford English tweed coat (although quite a bit baggy in the body and would need to be taken in a bit. Plus, my wife says her Dad has had a similar coat for the past 40 years. Not sure what to make of that)

(too dark for actual photos)
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do not seel the rrll

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Anyone seen a Rick Exploder parka floating around? (Not the one with rips everywhere that I saw on SuFu a few weeks ago). I saw one briefly on e-bay that was priced pretty steep but it seems to have disappeared.
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Rips everywhere is pretty par for the course for those, it's like a seven year old jacket at this point and the quality was pretty wack to begin with. I had one and sold it in a month because it just felt cheap. Unless you REALLY like the specific fit, Lad Musician and Attachment both make much better N3B parkas
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Hrm where! I know Lad makes a decent fishtail, but with proxy etc. I might as well just get a United Bamboo.
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What size are you? Any of the Attachment ones with the cotton/nylon blend get my vote. They pop up on Rakuten/Yahoo quite a bit

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EU50 in most designery stuff.
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Size 3 in Attachment will probably be alright if you don't mind it being slim. I guess that's one thing where the Rick one might be better - they're quite oversized.

fit pics of both: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
For reference, this is me in a Rick exploder bomber size S:

This is me in Attachment size 2:

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Hrmmm so the hunt begins I suppose. There doesn't seem to be any on their online store for this season.
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Not feeling that Attachment on yjp, design is too clean, looks off. Also, pull strings...
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Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post

Any of the Attachment ones with the cotton/nylon blend get my vote. They pop up on Rakuten/Yahoo quite a bit

My shopping would be insane if I could read Japanese. happy.gif
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^ same. Either that, or if Chrome's auto-translate worked more regularly
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Rick Owens Likes His Runway Shows ‘Big and Dumb’


quick thought piece… lol
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