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Originally Posted by thatoneguy View Post

I need help finding an article that I think was posted in this thread, It was about expat aestheticists living in some part of Africa. I want to say it was a New Yorker article. I know that's very vague but I think @kindofyoung posted it iirc. Great colors, old people, africa, ring a bell?

I think it was me. Here's the article:


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yes thank you! I got the word wrong and feel like a twat. please ignore the call out KOY shog[1].gif

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The last New Yorker fashion article I remember was a nice piece on Balmain, otherwise nothing sticks out even though they have "fashion" issues.

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For the watch bros:

Stumbled across this from a fellow member.....What is this a Tank LC? looks very nice next to a love

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Looks like it.

Have a look in the watch thread in MC, if was discused recently.
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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

random house related thought and would appreciate some feedback, trying to find the right spot for this thing Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
no flash & lights off

its a bit big for that corner nook and just doesn't look right in there so trying out this middle spot and looking for some unbiased feedback, really unsure if it looks obtrusive here or not

we could try it out on other floors but were thinking of this one when we got it, also short matte black base or no base?

What did I miss.
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Not sure if SW&D is the right place for this question, but what is the difference between LBM 1911 and Luigi Bianchi Mantova?

Looking at their coats.
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Mr Porter carrying (horrible) Vis now?



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My favorite fabrics are wool/linen and wool/ramie blends. I love the warmth and substance of a nice wool and I love how adding linen/ramie gives gives the garment a bit of stiffness and structure. I enjoy the creases that form over time, making the garment my own, and I like how I can put it in a hot shower and remove those creases if I want a fresh start. Almost all of my fall/winter outerwear is some form of wool/linen blend..

from rough, tough tweed...

...to teddybear soft fabric that looks even better when it pills...

to classic, smooth herringbone...

Welcome to the wool/linen fanclub (PS don't show this post to my uncle, Jews can't wear wool/linen!! - he's gonna get mad at me!)
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damn, that bnergbleafabel or whatever looks great thumbs-up.gif
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Agreed with you on linen and ramie being great for blends. I think you're forgetting our old friend silk. Mix some raw silk with a bit of cotton and you've got some insane texture going on, e.g. Devoa's destroyed silk pieces and LUC's various tussah silk blend options. Goes surprisingly well with washi too.

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