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Yeah, just to simplify...

I plan on visiting:

Alan Bilzarian

I'm going on a shopping trip for work and I want to avoid what happened last time I went on a trip with these people, it was awful. They went shopping in NYC recently and their biggest takeaway was that "the REI there is really great!" There's 2 REI stores within 20 miles of our office. That's the type of shit I'm trying to avoid. Looking for lesser known, independently owned stuff if there is any.

Also I'll be in Portland, Maine on Tuesday and Wednesday and not completely familiar with that city. If anyone has any insight, it would be appreciated. I know the main strip along the water and few cool stores and that coffee shop that's in a big garage, but that's about it.

And we're going to Kittery too.

Probably try to stop in Hampton NH to check out some surf shops and hopefully find some good ski shops in Maine or NH.

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When you go to Orchard you should go to Deep Ellum/Lone Star to eat. Relatively close by (10 min walk) and well worth it. Also give me a holler, pretty much live around the corner from Orchard.
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check out portland dry goods while in portland
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Yep, that and the bong shop (haha) 2 blocks up the hill are my 2 favorite shops in Portland.
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If you're into beer, go drive just a bit further north to Freeport and check out Maine Brewing Company.
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^so good
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I believe we are planning on taking a trip to Freeport because my co-worked worked for LL Bean for years.
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Originally Posted by SmileForum View Post

Hmmmmm what to buy, decisions decisions...

Mac coat + Black Stark + Black Fang + Black fishermen + Lemaire Sweater + Inis Mein Knit + John Lobb chelsea boots 


CCP Scarstich

Scarstitch is one item to keep you warm the other choice is 7 items... your call. But scar stitch is soooooo awesome.
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OK so I've picked up my parka/down vest for the impending winter, but am still absolutely stumped as to what to do for a serious pair of winter boots. Here's what I'm looking for:

-Water/snow proof
-Good sole grip so I won't slip on ice etc
-Black in color
-Not horrendous or too terribly chunky
-Would like to keep the price between $100-200

Suggestions? Also looking for some warm (but not bulky) wool gloves
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Honestly, heavy snow is not the time to messing around with fashion boots. You can get a pair of combat boots and put some snow seal on 'em and wear them with thick socks.... or you can just grab a pair of these and have your toasty warm toes give a big "f you" to winter:
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Bean boots.
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bean boots + black spray-on rhinoliner

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175K Punching Bag?

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If you're into beer, go drive just a bit further north to Freeport and check out Maine Brewing Company.

better yet go to ebenezers pub in lovell maine

beer lover's heaven is what i hear

frown.gif so sad we didnt make the trek last time. maine beer is good but their great IPAs aren't always on tap
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Where the bleep do you find bergfabel?
Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post

Is it wrong to like the copy more than the origina? - wanna sell one of my PH jackets and buy another Bergfabel.. Cleaner design (especially the collar), more interesting fabrics, and the designer is a great guy to boot
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