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Welp my uniqlo jeans have basically lost so much structural integrity that even continuing to patch them is a lost cause lol.


Skinny black denim recommendations?


I think I might default to Lad or Attachment or something since I know that stuff works for me (although proxying just a pair of jeans is kind of a pain in the ass but whatever), but I'm open to anything really (how are the new uniqlo jeans lately?)

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Lad would be a good fit for your body type, 2% stretch in them so nice and comfy
They're not any better quality than Uni-qlo though, neither is Attachment.

I like the tapered cut, a little bit more room in the thighs and not hyper skinny:

Skinny ones might work, though, since you're pretty, well, skinny:
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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

@Ken P @ridethecliche @mike868y @afixedpoint

and anyone else in Boston who wants to meet saturday 11 of october

Ok so let's meet mid afternoon, is 15h ok?

Just let me know where you want to meet, considering near Riccardi on Cambridge or whatever would make sense since it is relatively central.

Woops, I should have tried to get in on this. I was in Boston this past weekend but I probably would have been too busy with apartment hunting and nursing hangovers to attend anyway. Rain check dudes. shog[1].gif
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is all Lad Musician stuff cut for string beans?

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I wouldn't say cut for string beans, though the sizing run can be a bit limited. The knit I personally have seems pretty reasonably proportioned. That said I'm probably borderline one of the aforementioned string beans, so I'll wait for someone else to chime in.


Thanks nn! I'm reasonably sure the skinnies would fit me fine, though the unfaded black seems sold out so I might just gamble with uniqlo and see how that turns out. We'll see...

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Usually pretty high armholes, slim chests, and tight calves, but it varies piece to piece. A lot of the outerwear is pretty reasonable, though the skinny pants are off-limits to all but the stringiest of the bean-people. I'd stay away from the tailored pieces as well, unless you're after a mid-2000s Hedi Slimane look. A couple of the pant cuts are quite nice with roomy thighs and a sharp taper, however.
They do outerwear VERY well, especially compared to similar military-inspired outerwear from brands like Attachment, wjk, and Rick Owens - warm thinsulate linings and strong, dense, water repellent fabrics that are sometimes lacking from the aforementioned brands. It's not "luxe," but it'll keep you warm and dry.


Cotton mods coat

Melton wool parka

Slim jodpur jean. I really like these, excellent if you're looking for a minimal jean with a high rise, decently sized top-block, and nice slim leg.

Wool gingham flannel with a hidden placket, long body, and stand collar. Cool layering piece
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Originally Posted by im eddie View Post

 There's a black market for luxury shoes?

I can imagine some stranger approaching me from the shadows of an alley; you need any Margielas?

A guy I know had his clothing shop completely burgled for Folk clothing 3 times, someone must be selling it as a retailer or online otherwise it makes zero sense.
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I remember we've discussed that mods coat before @nicelynice. It's so good... I was looking on rakuten for a while.
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The ads i get from LVR are the best devil.gif

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They pop up quite a bit on Rakuten but differ on details every season. A couple of them have details I'm not in love with, but for the most part they're very solid pieces.
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thanks nn. that melton parka looks really nice. I also like their mohair knits which looks a bit more generous in sizing. 

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I don't know these Japanese brands, but from what I saw, the price range and aesthetic are very similar to Acne. Much easier to find in the west, and no imported mark-up. 

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Originally Posted by sinnedk View Post

The ads i get from LVR are the best devil.gif


Is that a luxury store or a regular sex shop.

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Luxury shop, they have mens, kids and home stuff as well.

That add reminds me of ********* ads from back in the day.
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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

Luxury shop, they have mens, kids and home stuff as well.

That add reminds me of ********* ads from back in the day.

Honest darling I was only looking at a Saint Paul shirt...biggrin.gif
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