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My names Tony, my friends call me Demented or Big Tony. I'm 45 yo, 6' 3", 310 lbs, wear a 58" long coat and 46-"48" pants depending on the cut, and 13 6E shoes.

I work the door at number of bars here in Hollywood, L.A. and valley, I'm the MF'er you show your ID to and hope you don't have to bother with for any reason.

I love that theres a place where men talk about dressing well, and looking there best regardles of what they do to pay the bills.

Love you all,

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Hello Tony,

I am Vaclav, I hope 1 day, you will let me inside the club.
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Welcome and if you ever work the NY bar/club scene, I hope you hook up a SF brother

By the way, given your clothing sizes, do you buy your stuff mostly in Big/Tall stores or do you go the custom, MTM route. Also, is your typical work wear suits or something more menacing (although at 6'3" 310lbs, you could probably look menancing in ballet tights!)

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