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My SF time capsule, 2007 and previous

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I am able to see, inside a computer which crashed 6/15/2007 (perhaps from, Malinda ) and discovered my, lost SF archive.

If you wish to look, you can listen here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfdqigCdqsw for the, backgound track. The order is not, chronological but, ethical.

(hangers for whic, I was banned before, Christmas )

(line at, Asprey )


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I know you didn't mean to turn me on.
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Great stuff.
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Memories like, the corners of, my mind misty water-colored, memories of the, way we, were scattered pictures of, the smiles we, left behind smiles we, gave to, one another for, the way we, were

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I don't know why, but I'm laughing.
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I loaded the photos into my iPhoto folder, set the Matthew Sweet track as the background music (nice choice BTW) and played it as a slideshow complete with Ken Burns effect; then cried like a little girl at the sweet sweet memories.
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Originally Posted by johnapril View Post
Great stuff.
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vaclav - i rember the edward green (from the night, at the dancehall?). after you clashed (against the, nationalists), were there any, photograpfers to recount, the mayhem?

*edit: Now, I've heard Matthew. Yesterday , I bought his new record (w/ the Bangle) on the '70s songs. His music must, take a bakseat, to weightloss solutions.
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^ this i, like.
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This shit is hilarious. I love the random pic of the raw fish. The clothes are outstanding as well.
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I like E, because it is old school like the Fat Boys.

Triple Tweed is next level and would have blinded me with its radiance had I not known from experience to avert my eyes at the critical moment.
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I, LOVE this, picture, lol.

You just redeemed yourself Vaclava - 5 star thread, will read again!

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Encore, do you want, more ?
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