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What to do w/ a lot of clothes???(!)

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Guys, need your help. I have an awful lot of clothes. Suits, sweaters, pants, shirts, name it. Even though I feel I have good taste and excellent coordination when putting things together, unfortunately, I am running out of matching ideas. I find that I am wearing the same combo's all of the time and I wish that I had a fresh eye to relook at everything and begin to put together new combos with the same choices, and believe me, the choices are VAST...what have you guys done to fight this predicament?
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Unfortunately I often catch myself noticing that I have too little clothes, so personally I can't help you with your obvious tragedy. However, one of my friends has a problem similar to yours. He has resolved it by putting on a pair of pants at a time and seeing what tops go well with the pant selected. Each shirt/ pant combination was snapped with a Polaroid. [as you can see this method required an assistant] He then moved on to seeing what blazer, sport coat or outerwear worked best with each "approved" shirt/pant combo. Once again, a Polaroid documented the combination. This process was repeated for each pair of pants in the closet. Now Gary is a proud owner of a photo album categorized by formality of the outfit and then cross-referenced by weather conditions. Just some advice, feel free to think of it as you like.
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Sounds like a nice problem to have But seriously, maybe a few new accessories added in the right places might help. Polaroids, and I thought I was fussy when it came to the organization of my closet...s...
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This likely won't be a popular opinion, but I think you should get rid of some of it. This is not only practical in terms of space (and money, if you sell some pieces), but will help you with some new ideas. Getting it down to a managable size gives you the opportunity to imagine some new things, instead of just staring at a sea of clothes. You sound a bit overwhelmed, my advice would be to keep the stuff you wear and get rid of the others.
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i totally agree with petermetro, purge your closet every season (once every six months or at least once a year) and if you have not worn it in the last six months, toss it getting your wardrobe down to essential pieces with then add-ons will make it more manageable it's that statistic i read once, the average person wears 20% of their clothes 80% of the time (not that any of the guys here are likely average) but it likely rings true in the sense of there are things that work well together and you likely wear those items the most
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If you have friends that are the same size, a good idea for a get together is a clothes exchange. Everyone brings pieces they don't want/don't fit/etc. and you can swap. Whatever doesn't get a new owner goes to the local charity or Goodwill.
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A year ago I had enough clothes to fill two and a half large closets. Then I started listing most of the valuable items on ebay and giving away the rest to friends who were in bad need of wardrobe help. Now I can fit everything in one medium size closet but I have more options now than I did before. I examined each item and asked myself several questions about it. Like, how often do I really wear it? I had a lot of incredible items that were basically decoration - I wasn't really comfortable wearing them, they didn't fit quite right, etc. Now everything that I have left is practical, fits right and works well with the rest of the wardrobe. It can be painful to part with great clothes but if they are just going to hang there what is the point of keeping them? They just fool you into thinking you have a large wardrobe when in actuality there could be very little there that is wearable. Also - this only works if you are just as ruthless with your new purchases. Otherwise you will find yourself in the same situation again before too long.
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