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Is this site worth it? Anyone here use it?
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seems like a pretty good proxy since the shipping rates they get are much lower than normal people can get.
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I just got a msg from paypal recommending them. seems really good if it actually does what it says.
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I use them all the time. They are VERY good. I get packages in Australia in 3-4 days every time and they're always prompt with enquiries and requests. I would highly recommend them. Shipping, however, is expensive!
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MyUS requires a monthly membership

I personally use

I have been using them for a year now and love their service. Here is a demo of their service:
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I'm using mail forwarding service, they only add $8.50 to each shipping, also you may repack two or more packages in one, that saves much.
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Not sure about MyUS but I used and they are great. You just register and get your US mailing address and use it for your shipping address when you buy from the site and they ship it to the address you register with. Hope that helps!

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