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Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone.

I just registered and joined this forum after spending quite a bit of time just visiting and learning. I now feel like I need to start a new wardrobe--especially shoes!

Anyway, just wanted to say hello before posting questions.
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Be careful - this effect has been noted by many and I can guarantee that it is bad for your pocketbook. For me, the real danger of this place has been: (i) opening my eyes to the variety of different, and attractive 'classic' men's shoes; (ii) teaching me enough about quality to become dissatisfied with the vast majority of makers. This is a deadly combination. You want a much more extensive shoe wardrobe, and - once you see the best - you don't particularly want to compromise. Not making assumptions about your situation (possibly you are a milliardaire looking to spend a modest part of his inheritance on quality kit), but trying to pass on a 'fair warning'.
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