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Cedar Tie Holder

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Is this a good way to store your ties???
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It's not bad. My ties are generally hung, too.
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As long as you're not moving it around much, it's fine.
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I wouldn't put ties on or near cedar, just because it has a tendency to have splintery edges that will easily catch on delicate silk. There's no benefit to having aromatic cedar near silk, either.

At the moment, I hang most of mine on a cheesy rack with brass loops that all swing out and retract together. Though I wouldn't recommend the thing I have, hanging definitely seems to be the most space efficient way to store ties, along with making them easier to look through.
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I prefer to keep mine rolled up and stored inside my armoire on a shelf.
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I don't know that I'd want my ties resting on stained wood. However, last time I was at Ikea I found the perfect (for me) tie solution. It's a hanger from their "Komplement" line that has a 4x6 or 4x7 grid of ~4" fabric-covered round hoops on a hanger. I think it costs about $4. The only annoying part (in Atlanta, at least) is that they keep these things in their pick up area with the rest of the hangers and stuff, so instead of just ringing it up you have to stand in a second line and wait for someone to bring it out to you.
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That hangar is obviously made by Woodlore, a subsidiary of Allen-Edmonds and well known on this forum for their shoe trees. I have two of them that I keep all my long ties on. As far as I'm concerned, they're great. I don't believe the wood is stained, just sanded. I have never had the slightest problem with the wood splintering or snagging my ties.
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Originally Posted by Pink22m
I prefer to keep mine rolled up and stored inside my armoire on a shelf.
yup same here
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I use two of these Woodlore cedar hangers, bought on STP. They seem to be out now. If I thought about it more, I probably would have bought the version you posted.

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I use one of these bad boys:
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