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Ndg style, quality, price

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hey all, i believe the general consent of ndg on SF is positive, especially in the street style forum. i personally like the label a lot. theres a small info i would like to find out. i know the stuff are MIJ, but how about the designer? is he or she american, european, or japanese? also...i would like some feedbacks and inputs. 1. hows the quality and construction? 2. is the asking price fair? 3. hows the style? -henry
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Can't speak of owner experience, but I believe the consensus is that it's good quality, but overpriced. That especially seems to be the case with the outerwear. That said, it's still high enough quality (again, from what I've heard) that if a piece interests you enough and you have the cash to burn, it won't be an "Oh god, why" regret down the road.

That in mind, I loved that gray trench from last F/W, but $600+? Out of my ballpark and into another city.
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Design is middle of the road, quality is above average and if you can get it on sale is a great value.

One of the staple mid tier brands accepted here.
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all the non weird shit hits 70% off, very attractive at that price.
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There are several designers at the helm...Holly Harnsongkram, Wil Whitney, Devon Turnbull, and Isa Saalabi founded it. They usually have nice fall/winter shit. There are probably 20 threads just like this one if you care to look.
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I'm a big fan. Reasonable at RRP, good with discounts and on sale. Is good for basics and slightly wierd stuff. Fit is slim, high armholes, not long. Sweaters / outerwear / accessories are what I think the strengths are. Will get very expensive in future with MIJ costs getting massive. 2-3 years I wouldn't be suprised if they started being domestic production. Go elsewere for shirting.
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NDG is awesome. I love their dress/military shirts and knitwear. Narrow jeans is also one of my favorites. Slim but not skinny. Great colors. Most of their sizes are small and the cut tend to be on the short side which is great for me since I am not that tall. I can only afford their clothes at 60% - 70% off. So I am not complaining about the prices. I buy many basic from ndg. More than any other brands.
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I have to reiterate what has already been said....quality seems to be above average and yes, their strengths seem to be knitwear, outerwear, far as pricing I cant help but to feel that we are being charged for the pretencious underground mystique that seems to surround the label...that being said, what designer / label doesnt overcharge? but in the grand scheme of things, who smart, buy what you like and flatters your body...and feel good in what you wear. thats what its all about anyways right!
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I like the brand a lot. Some of the designs are questionable, but they put out solid pieces pretty much every season.

Sizing tends to be a bit strange, so definitely try it on in person if you can. I generally have to buy a size larger than what I usually wear.

Prices are high but not ridiculous.
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thx for all the replies... i like the brand no matter wut. the military inspired style is just cool! i normally dont shop for their basics, but i may start. the peacoat, blazer, and trenchs by them are awesomeness! the cost is hiking a lot. i got a black sportcoat from last season. it was like $600 retail. this season, the grey half lined suittop/sportcoat raised to $850. the brand is getting a lil too rich for me, even on sale. oh, any boutiques in LA, or SOCAL carry this brand? i only know barneys... EDIT: i forgot to add wut jlaw mentioned...the sizing is really strange. i can range from M-XL
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their oliver people sunglasses is really cool too!!!
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i like ndg for their outerwear and knitwear - KOP on sale only... very very good quality
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One of my favorite brands, who I've supported from the jump. There best pieces are there outerwear and denim. The shirts are pretty good as well and feature nice thick buttons.
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tmi, but i dont fit any of their pants. they are either too big or too small. i look like i have chicken legs wearing 'em. EDIT: i may go grab a shirt from 'em today...hehe! the dark grey one is additional 33% off at barneys. so $260 retail is down to 'bout $100, i think.
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Costs will continue to rise. Inflation is much much higher than CPI, especially on commodities. Will continue to be good value. I think the knitwear is exceptional, and fits my aesthetic well. Denim isn't a bad buy, especially if you want something basic or if you can't find a good pair in that colour / texture. Outerwear is good but sometimes wacky and you can't always find what you want. I buy the pieces I like straight from release and pick up other bits on sale.
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