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Wear the suit because the occasion calls for it. If it's necessary at work or a social event. Don't wear the suit and keep doubting yourself if you should wear it.

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honestly just do whatever the hell you want. it's your life. have fun with it.
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High-school is a place where what will make you cool in the future counts against you now. Whilst I like your style, as others have stated, a suit would look completely inappropriate in a HS environment. Also, to pull it off you need to tailor your suit, have some basic understanding of colour co-ordination and wear decent shoes.


None of this need be super expensive, but definitely running in the hundreds of dollars, if you want to make a credible attempt. Also, you'll need a spare pair of trousers, plus another suit for rotation (not to mention at least two pairs of shoes).


As others have already stated, why not slowly work towards your goal by starting off with a sports coat and a decent pair of shoes? You'll (potentially) be much better dressed than your peers, without standing out like a sore thumb. More importantly, you can use the time to develop a better understanding of how to put together a functional wardrobe, and thus avoid the sartorial crimes that a lot of us have committed with our first suits (and are still commiting, judging by some of the pictures that have been posted on this site!).


Essentially, what your post is telling me is that you would like to (outwardly, at least) develop a degree of sophistication to get picked up by cougars when you sneak into lounge bars with fake ID, and be subjected to a whole kaleidoscope of sexual pleasures. Then, when you get to college, and your pimply peers are trying to drink enough to gain the courage to make a move on freshman women at the bar, you can confidently walk up and make your move.


Sports coat and sexual experience with cougars. You know it's the right move, young Padawan. Remember: cougars earn enough money to have their own place or take you to a hotel.


Disclaimer: the author accepts no responsibility and cannot be held liable for feelings of loathing and self-remorse due to waking up next to a woman who wouldn't look out of place on a grab-a-granny night, or for any bad parking lot scenes with hookers remonstrating you for money. It comes with the territory.

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Do yourself a favor and do NOT wear a suit at high school. You will be heavily ridiculized. Word.

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Originally Posted by SmileofaConman View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Im 16 and i wore a suit or extremly dressy clothes most of the year round and this exactly how you eill be treated at first i was ridiculed insulted and humilated
But over time they relize i wasnt someone to mess with
I dated girls older then me by three years and out of highschool due to my personality and my style they believed i was sophisticated
It didnt dictate who i was because i can say that i live heavy metal and everyone knew it
People eventually start complementing you and if fells devent
But no matter what you will have odd looks at you
if you personality is on the preppier side it will be harder especially if your homosexual
im full out straight and wear hankercheif and three piece or two piece blazers all the time
If you dress that way you will have to back it up not matter what people say to you
If someone insults you knock him on his ass and dont wear a bow tie or a cummerband that is for specific occasions such as prom you always want to dress to occasion if your not willing to go the whole nine yards then i suggest you slowly ease into it such as dress shirts and etc then slowly incorparating the blazers and such
You will fill odd at first but i promise you it will be better
As long as you can backyourself up because people will insult and ask
My awser was always because i want to become a modern day transcendentilist in our arrogant society by showing my own individualism or i would say something random like i have dressed like this because i came to chew bubblegum and kickass and im all out of bubblegum
Also if your personality is more stoic ill believe it will be easier and make sure the suit fits right if it doesnt then your just a tool trying to get attention not someone who cares about there looks to the point tht they are willing to dress like this and go theough ridicule if u do the congrats i believe you actually are one ofbthe only people to have courage in our society
My name is Elijah and my senior year is coming up soon
Ill be going to school in a suit first day and be a metal classy gent
So dont worry your not alone

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Geez, I didn't notice the original post's date. facepalm.gif

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Nice 3 year bump for a thread where the OP never returned. Good luck on those SAT's ...
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Two words - SUIT UP!!

I do it everyday and it made a huge difference in my life, I used to get pushed around but now people respect me and I respect myself more
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I am betting that after all these years, the op is now a fedora tipping neckbeard living in his mothers basement...and "suited up".
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Originally Posted by powerkicker View Post

I am betting that after all these years, the op is now a fedora tipping neckbeard living in his mothers basement...and "suited up".
without a doubt.

still making sinatra look like a hobo though.
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It's really your choice, but you are not the only one who wears/wants to wear suits. I am now a freshman in high school, and I've been wearing suits almost daily since last spring. Before that, I was harassed constantly because of my Autism. For the first week, I was teased a bit, but after that, people started to give me respect. Half a year later, it started to feel like a second skin, and that's pretty much what it is now. Due to me wearing it so often, people have gotten used to it. They still respect it, but it has become routine for them.


Of course, how your school reacts depends on who your classmates are. I am in one of the top schools in the Midwest, the class is (somewhat) mature, with the exception of a few..

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I like how people are still tendering advice to the OP. This thread is 5 1/2 years old. If he has studied diligently, the OP should be out of college by now!
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Save it for College.
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I bet the OP is now a CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

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