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Who makes a good bathrobe? Do you guys where them?

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-- Daniel Hansen
-- Loro Piana
-- Borrelli
-- Sulka (you can occasionally find vintage pieces on EBay)
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Originally Posted by lcordaro

Who makes a good bathrobe? Do you guys where them?


Hi Icordaro,

I am a new member (been lurking but just joined tonight) but I can definitley give a positive plug to the Genuine Turkish Bathrobes sold at Hammacher Schlemmer. I know since I own one, trust me you cannot go wrong! One piece of advice though, I had initially ordered an XL robe but it was too big on me and I weigh 200+ pounds and my height is 5'10. I ended up returning it for a L and was completely satisfied. The towels are great as well.


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From bath or shower until dressing, a bathrobe or wrap is a matter of personal preference for some and a necessity for others. Prices for better bathrobes can easily run beyond seven or eight hundred dollars. From a practical point of view, if you want only absorption, modesty, and warmth, it's difficult to argue that a thick terry robe purchased in Hermes for more than one thousand dollars is any more effective than a twenty-nine dollar terry robe from a bin at Marshall's.

Kabert mentioned a few of the high-end brands. High price doesn't always equate to durability. Choose accordingly.

Occasionally, people confuse a bathrobe with the largely disused dressing gown. At a glance, they are similar in appearance. After dressing, but before donning one's coat or odd jacket to leave home, a few fellows still actually wear a dressing gown. A dressing gown is often a fancy silk material, fully or partially lined, with slightly padded shoulders, and otherwise rife with fancy detailing.
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Frettes are nice.
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Thanks everyone

I appreciate the responses and recommendations!!

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