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Dress shirt dilemma!

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we have a nice men's store here in Richmond called Beecroft and Bull... got a chance to check out some dress shirts I'd never really examined before. Here's the list and approx. price: Robert Talbott, $140 Canali, $150 Zegna, $215 Lorenzini, $175 they are all very nice shirts, all seem to be very well made... all have mother of pearl buttons, soft collars and great construction (just for comparison, I brought in a Banana Republic dress shirt I had just bought for $30 on sale... the BR shirt is great for $30, but the difference in every area of it against the others was huge to me). Canali and Zegna had by far the more interesting offerings to me (I like windowpane and vertical lines). I tried on a Zegna and Talbott... the Zegna just fit like a glove (although it could have been slightly more tapered), and the Talbott fit more like an American shirt- not bad, but too much fabric in that particular shirt. SO... who makes your favorite dress shirt from those mentioned? These are all in my range (would love something like Borrelli but it ain't in the cards at this point ) It was also nice to see a very good 50% selection (I usually have horrible luck catching the good stuff on sale)... there were multiple Zegna, Barbera, and Tommy Bahama offerings (dress shirts, sweaters, casual wear) in terrific colors and designs. Couldn't convince the g/f that I should treat myself at the time... but I'll be going back for 1 of those dress shirts Monday, and wanted this board's highly valued opinion on which would be the best bet. Thanks in advance.
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I would definitely go with the Lorenzini. At 175 a pop, that's quite a good deal. Although if you want something more slim-cut, go with the Canali or Zegna.
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Without knowing more about the shirts (material, collar, etc.) I would go for the Lorenzini as well. I've seen regular priced Canali shirts in the $150-200 range, Zegnas are usually $200-300. Borrelli shirts are about the same price as Zegna shirts (regular price), perhaps a bit of sniffing around would turn up a sale?
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