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Summer Camp...Especially Boy's Camp!

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Anyone here go to boy's sleep-away camp as kids/teenagers? Myself, I went to a camp called Kabeyun in New Hampshire, on Lake Winnepesauke(sp?) and it was the best 4 years of my life. Getting up early, sailing, swimming, windsurfing, hiking, canoeing, trips, staying up late, sneaking to the girl's camp across the road, no phone, no internet, no power except for lights, all the weird little eccentricities and rituals and traditions that accumulate in a place like that.

I loved it. Anybody else have similar experiences?
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Check out Wet Hot American Summer for a hilarious depiction of a Jersey summer camp. Not completely different from one that I went to for a couple of years. I also did various Boy Scout camps in Penna and NJ.

Lake Winnepesaukee (also sp?) is absolutely stunning, one of my favorite places in the US. My grandparents recently moved away

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"This one time, at band camp..."

Sorry, it was the first thing that came to mind
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When I was 16 I was a counselor at a summer camp on the Chesapeake. Pretty interesting place that somehow attracted international kids as well. There were specific camps for French, Spanish, and Russian language, as well as horseback riding and sailing. I ran the cheerleading camp My dentist (a family friend) owned the camp and two sailboats that a bunch of the counselors would take out on the weekends. My best summer as a teenager, that's for sure.
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My favourite book growing up was "I want to go home" from Gordon Korman. Funniest thing I have ever read in my life, even to this day. It was about this kid who spent his whole summer trying to break out of this camp that his parents forced him to go to. I still pull out Korman's books to read every once in a while when I need a good laugh and am feeling nostalgic.
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During high school I went to debate camp -- debate institute, as we'd call it -- over the summers. I did more research during those months alone than I have ever done for my B.A. in History.
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CTY and CTD represent!
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