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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
Ha ha. 15!? WTF. So you don't have to do laundry for 2 weeks?

i'm working up to about the same. Have to wash all my whites together, and if you don't have enough, they never build up to enough to do a full load.
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I would break 25 items down like this... 2 denim jeans (2) 1 pair chinos (3) 1 pair dress trousers (4) 4 LS BD semi-dress shirts (8) 2 SS BD semi-dress shirts (10) 2 SS casual t-shirts (12) 3 sweater/cardigan/hoodie type (15) 3-4 various weight coats/jackets (19) 1 dress blazer (20) 1 dress suit (21) 2 pair dress shoes/boots (23) 2 pair casual shoes/boots (25)
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indigo dior 19cm black dior 19cm white cp tournament/court low crazy rafs chucks a couple of band shirts a few mtm dress shirts wool slacks, shades of grey and a dark navy knits on knits grenson kirks rick / julius leather white hanes
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fine i'll play:
KMW 1980 (1 pair of jeans is fine, though a black pair would be usefull too)
linen pants

white leather chucks lo
beeswax DBs
dark brown monks

white v-neck tees
white button-down
light blue button down

EG pathfinder (or any other light jacket such as a harrington)
My TOJ leather.
A peacoat (on my to-kop list in black or gray)
light blue v-neck sweater (merino-cashmere blend is fine with me)

12 items, although there'd probably be multiple white tees.
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Julius leather KK Attachment coat white/black tees Julius denim DBSS knits blazer Ann D pants BoO OCBDs Viridi Anne ls F+B boots Julius sneakers
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
PS. your post is too long didn't read lol

yeah i love how its minimalism concept and hist post is like 500 words
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wait how fuckin old is this jawn
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1. Imogene + Willie Jeans
2. Columbia Fishing shorts
3. Adidas gym shorts

4. New Balance 993
5. Alden Indy 403
6. Russell Moccasin Zephyr
7. Sperry AO
8. Alden LHS in #8 Cordovan

8. Brooks OCBD (White)
9. Brooks OCBD (Blue)
10. Brooks OCBD (University Stripe)
11. Southern Tide Polo (White)
12. Southern Tide Polo (Pink)

13. BB 1818 Charcoal Suit
14. BB 1818 Sack Blazer
15. Mid-gray wool pants
16. BB #1 repp tie

17. Croc belt w/ silver buckle
18. Filson bridle leather belt
19. Barbour Beaufort
20. Underwear and t-shirts
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My entire wardrobe this summer:

1 Thom Browne Suit
1 hickey Tie
1 Rugby Blazer

Some number of Brooks Brothers ESF OCBD
1 Brooks Brothers Black Fleece OCBD
Some number of J. Crew OCBD
2 Uniqlo OCBD
1 hickey OCBD

Some number of Brooks Brothers Milano chinos
1 Martin & Osa chinos
1 J. Crew chinos

1 J Crew Lightweight Shirt
1 Rugby Madras Shirt

1 Rugby University Chino Shorts
Some number of Gold Toe charcoal socks

Some number of Hanes Premium T-Shirt
Some number of Merona boxer shorts
Some number of Jerzees sweat-shorts
Some number of Hanes white socks

1 J Crew Wingtips
1 Allen Edmonds Park Avenues
1 LL Bean Blucher Moccasins
1 Nike Tennis Shoes
1 Nike Free

Still kind of a lot. If I were to streamline it, all chinos would be Milanos, and all OCBDs would be BB ESF.
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Topic is OCD as fuck.
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Originally Posted by 1969 View Post
Topic is OCD as fuck.
You must be new here.
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How minimal is minimal? Dark gray or navy suit couple v-neck t's white, blue, pink shirts dark jeans chinos 1 pair sleek dress shoe 1 pair white low profile sneaker there you go
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minimal with versatility, including work, school, and going out:

3 pair jeans (indigo, black, gray)
1 pair khaki chinos

3 OCBD (white, gray, pattern)
2 t-shirts (white and black u-neck)

2 cardigans (navy, gray)
1 hoodie (gray)
3 jackets (gray, navy, leather)

3 ties
1 suit (charcoal gray)

1 pair black oxford shoes
1 pair boots
1 pair sneakers

and black underwear / socks to last a week.

in the process of re-doing my wardrobe, so this is somewhat of a checklist as well.
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Getting your closet in order isn't about setting some arbitrary numerical ownership quota. It's about owning all and only classic, well-fitting pieces so you can look fresh for any situation that may present itself during the course of your life. To wit:

- 2 suits: navy worsted 3-roll-2, medium gray (not charcoal) flannel two button (jackets and pants should work as separates)
-2 pairs of slacks (light gray, tan)
-1 pair of chinos
-2 polos (dark and light, no logos)
-4 ocbd: 2 in white, 2 in blue university stripe
-1 white sailcloth shirt w/ spread collar
-3 pairs of shoes: black captoes, brown or oxblood bluchers/wingtips, oxblood loafers
-3 belts to match shoes
-3 ties (two solid, one with pattern)
-1 tailored overcoat (charcoal)
-1 minimalist watch w/ black leather strap
-1 white pocket square
-solid socks that match your pants
-1 six pack hanes white v-neck under shirts
-2 six pack of hanes dark underwear

-APC NS (relatively narrow leg opening works with low-profile sneakers/wingtips)
-APC rescue (relatively wide leg opening works with boots)
-something that isn't indigo (garment dyed jeans, 5 pocket canvas, officer chino, whatever)
-2 band of outsiders over-dyed button-downs
-2 short sleeve epaulet button-downs
-2 three pack of AA 50/25/25 crews (i.e., two each of black, athletic blue, athletic grey)
-desert boot (clarks or alden chukkas w/ crepe sole)
-chucks or vans authentics
-2 pairs of boots (Alden Roy's and Red Wing 6'' classic moc as a work boot )
-2 tanner goods leather belts (dark and light)
-harrington jacket (TOJ)
-pea coat (TOJ)
-leather (Schott slim cafe racer, or TOJ)
-1 pair of shorts to wear when it's hot; should be able to be dressed up or down; no cargo pockets.
-1 pair of board shorts (no skulls, no designs)
-1 metal band chronograph
-classic sunglasses (what you buy will depend on the shape of your face)
-tattoos (nothing on the neck or below the elbow, or on the legs)
-six pack abs
-hot chick

You could have only this stuff available to you, and be fresh to death in any situation.
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That wardrobe is the height of drab. I'd be bored to death. You need to stay away from all-"classic" all the time.
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