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On the Street in NYC....The Sartorialist

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Focus magazine of Germany wrote a nice profile on me this week. I have translated it with a photo of myself at The Sartorialist be gentle
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Is that Thom Browne?

Well deserved Scott.
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Good job, that is one of the large circulation news magazines in Germany. I don't usually read it, but I'll pick up this one.
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No need to be gentle as you look great (younger and different than I expected) and the recognition is well deserved. I'll overlook your love of Thom Browne this once
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What, no scarf?
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Congrats! I really enjoy the pics and the blog.

I was going to look you up when at the Collective (but my car broke down on the way).
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cool, you look a lot different than in my head. For the better.

keep up the great work on the blog. It's one of the few sites I visit daily.
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Congratulations! Nice article. I agree that you look very different than I had pictured; I am disappointed by the lack of a scarf....
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Originally Posted by Mr. Checks
What, no scarf?
I thought the same thing.

Is that a Barbour quilted jacket? What shirt?

I like the hairstyle, as it is essentially my own, although I don't have that much hair anymore.

Congratulations on the article!
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Congrat!! well done. More and more of our members featured in the media, it's great.

Do you have a link to the Focus article?
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Cool pic, interview. I have a No Name Studio tux jacket from the 90s that I wore just last weekend. Got propositioned, so it still works Does 10 Corso Como stock No Name, or is it just the successor operation of No Name's creator?
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You look like someone you would photograph, which is to say that you look great.
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thanks guys!

The jacket is a Barbour, I love it!

No Name is long gone but it was great - Carla is doing more small projects with companies like Comme Des Garçon, Coke, Diesel jeans.

I think they are going to put a link from the Focus site but they haven't yet.
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Ah, but for the $64 million...what color shoes??
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looks great!

But then I'm the dissenting voice that likes most of your pictures.
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