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big guy denim

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I'm 2 m tall, my waist is 42 inch, inseam 34 or 36 inch. Which brands in europe provide jeans in that size??

I mean regular brands, not "fat clothes".
Most manufacturers provide "short fat guy-jeans" but none for the tall...
post #2 of 5 offers jeans in 42X34 and 42X36. If you have trouble ordering from the website and shipping to a European address, maybe you could visit a Gap store and they would help you order.
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Wear are you in Europe? Also check out Rochester Big & Tall. They carry better brands than your average Big & Tall store and they do carry tall sizes. They have one store in London.
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I don't know how old you are, but a lot of hip hop styled clothing will fit 42 quite easily.
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I don't think Gap in the Uk go that big.
Marks and Spencer have 42" waist, I think 35" is the longest inside leg.
Uniqlo (London only) go up to 40" or possibly 42" and are pretty stylish for cheap stuff.
If you're looking for premium stuff then Tenderloin jeans are pretty big. I think their raw xl would probably fit 42" and they're quite long. You'd probably have to dry clean them to keep them big enough though and they're expensive.
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