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Originally Posted by zissou View Post
As it stands, it looks like there will be at least 17 of the Workman and 11 of the Navyman ordered. This is good, because there needs to be at least 10 of each shirt purchased in order to do a group buy.

Next step: I am waiting on chambray availability and photos from Nathan. I'll post them once I receive them, along with instructions for taking your measurements and a deadline for getting your measurements and payment to me. As soon as we get an order of 10, I'll pass it along to Nathan so we can get in his order queue.

In the meantime, what do you guys think about the orientation of the cuff on the Navyman?

Hey Zissou - Good news, looking forward to it.
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Ah, damn. Torn between the two shirts. The first one doesn't have the inside chest pocket I was hoping for, but the second doesn't have the visible chest pockets I'd like...what the choose...
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If I were you, I'd go with the one that you'll like on the outside more... or one of each like me! Seriously, though, I was surprised anyone voted against a hidden inside chest pocket, but oh well.
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I'll take one of the first one, and I'll think about the second one! I'd really want MOP buttons though. Can I be one of the luckies??

P.S I wanted a damn inside pocket lolol.
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good job on this. seems organized. i hope the ones who voted will actually buy lol
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Latest update: Nathan just returned today from travels. He'll send the list of chambrays early this week. I also asked him for country of origin for each chambray, because I thought it would be good to know. Nathan also said that shirts with MOP buttons will need to be an extra $5, because the buttons are vintage deadstock and are very limited. Again, orders will be placed in a queue according to when payment is received (Paypal only). Those who send payment earliest get a much better chance of getting MOP buttons if you want them, as well as your first choice in chambray color (if they are limited). I won't take payment until you've each had a couple days to take your measurements, and I won't get you started on measurements until we know which chambrays are available. I don't want you to feel like you've wasted your time taking measurements if you can't get the chambray you want. We are up to 20 for the Workman and 13 for the Navyman!
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Zissou - Are the MOP buttons just regular buttons with two or 4 holes in MOP or are the MOP buttons framed in metal like on western shirts?
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They are two-hole fisheye (cats eye) buttons, just like the EG workshirt buttons, but MOP. For the couple of shrts that I am ordering, I think I am going to go for them on my Navyman, but do corozo on my Workman. p.s.- I asked Nathan for a photo of all of the different fisheye buttons that he has available.
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Hm...ok. I think I've decided I'm going to pass on this unless I can get at least one item in my FS thread sold. I need to really curb my spending as my money needs to last me through at least the next school year...(And I've been spending a ton this summer with plans to still purchase a DSLR...)
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Is there no possible way for MOP on the workman?
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^You can get MOP buttons on whichever shirt you want, as long as they are still available. I was just stating which shirt I was thinking of getting MOP buttons on. who8- no problem!
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Depending on available colors, I might be down foe the workman.
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oh, okay. A little confusion but it's cleared. Thanks!
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Today's update: Nathan is off to see his supplier tomorrow, so I should have chambray photos up tomorrow or Wednesday. Here is the list I sent him so he could check on availability: Most requested: Dark Indigo Super dark indigo (Indigo on black?) Black Red Dark grey Also requested: Salt and pepper chambray options? Blue-green White Requested by one person: Light or medium indigo Green Brown Super black Any colors with unbleached wefts? Almost all of the chambrays are coming from Japan. He said that the only color that is not likely to be available is brown. He might have to order the dark indigo because apparently they are hard to find. Here is a teaser pic (not the best quality) of the blue-green, which is on black, not white, weft, along with a grey on white: I will have the measurement instructions up tomorrow. I've been working on a diagram for all of the measurements with Nathan just to make the process that much easier and streamlined. Stay tuned!
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Another sneak peek. This is a light blue chambray USN workshirt that Nathan recently made. The Navyman will be just like this, but with selvage gussets, a collar tab/neck strap, and the curved cuffs. I'm planning on putting the placket and curve of the Navyman cuff on the inside of the sleeve unless I hear back from you all otherwise.
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