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great shirt, too many options. Save yourself the hassle and offer a stock, trademark style, MTM lengths/widths, and then a choice of colors. Would be much, much, much easier and people would still be happy.
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also, price is fair, IMO, considering the fabric content and workmanship. If you worked out an original design with the MTM scheme, I'd buy one to support you guys.
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Thanks, man. All of the options listed in the OP are for everyone to vote on to determine the single design for all of the shirts. When the shirts are made, the only options will be size (i.e., your measurements) and color. I thought it would be fun to give everyone the chance to have a hand in the design of the shirt. If no one votes, I'll just design it myself Poll coming soon!
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post
oboy- you can get one made for your kid and wear it until he/she is big enough Seriously, though, congrats!

That's a genius justification! Although, it's the one I plan to use with the wife when I make my pitch for a new watch soon....

Thanks for the good wishes! I appreciate it. We find out the sex next week...if it's a boy, your argument may hold some water.
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^The argument should still hold if it's a girl :-p If possible, I'd like to see a black/indigo chambray. Like black weft over indigo warp or something?
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Nice shirt, great colour. Would be nice to have some contrast stitching in there somewhere but overall looks great.
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Yeah, I'm a big fan of contrast stitching on workshirts, so I just might take that option out of the poll It's funny, oboy- I'm a bachelor these days and it's nice to not have to answer to anyone for my purchases, but I have been reprimanded on a few occasions by my 6 year old daughter for 'looking at clothes on the computer' for too long. who8mahrice- I'll put together a list of other chambray color suggestions and see what Nathan can get.
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How about a black option?
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Originally Posted by rnrswitch View Post
I am in for indigo, red, possibly a brown. What about indigo, with like a brown weft. Or maybe an unbleached weft, so sort of yellowish weft?

Shirt looks nice.

Also, antique wood buttons are pretty nice,... Uh, really only for the indigo colored chambray though.

I like these color ideas (minus red, add black), and I like the design of the Haversack Chambray minus the sillyness and shortness of the Haversack button down front. Keep it simple.
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Nathan did mention something about a super black chambray, but he hasn't had a chance to look at it yet. I am guess this means black warp on black weft, but I'm waiting for him to verify. He's traveling at the moment, so I'll have a list of chambrays when he gets back.
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Nice shirt. Way out of my price range. Love to see the end result.
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Shirts look great. I'm very tempted. One question, which may be stupid (and get me laughed at by the chambray police) - will the fabric be preshrunk before the shirts are made to our measurements? As I understand it raw chambray can shrink alot - so one would hate to have a shirt made MTM only to find out it shrinks in all dimensions after washing...
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Not a dumb question. Nathan buys all of his chambray raw and washes and dries it once prior to making the shirt. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to have a MTM shirt made from raw, unwashed chambray. Then you would have to calculate shrinkage and add to the measurements- way too much work and not worth it.
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I would be interested if the details were right. Red is my preference, but white is ok. I think there needs to be a shorter list of options. Things like the buttons - just choose one type yourself. Colour, cuffs and pockets should really be the only choices, just to make the whole decision process a little cleaner. Though personally I'd prefer no colar tab. Either way, I'll be watching this thread for updates.
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My vote is cigarette pockets, curved yoke, curved cuff, inside chest pocket, collar tab, both selvage accents, fisheye buttons, double contrast stitching.
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